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TechTalk: The Power of Role-Based Permissions
by Denise Williams | 2023/04/15 |

What is role-based permission in software? How does this impact productivity?

Role-based permissions are a powerful method of managing User access control in software systems. This approach involves assigning Users to specific roles and granting them a set of permissions based on the responsibilities associated with that role.

By using role-based permissions, you can enable everyone to work synchronously in the system, without conflict, concern, or delay. This approach eliminates the need to wait for someone to complete their work, reduces reprocessing of information, and reduces rework. It is important to know your software’s role-based permission schema and evaluate if your users/roles are correctly set. If there are personnel changes, such as hiring or responsibility changes, it is important to review role-permissions.  
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With newer software solutions, it is much easier to align Users to the appropriate role. For example, the Administrator role might have full access to everything, while a Vendor role might only be able to view and edit their own order information via your portal. This approach ensures that vendors cannot see price or competitive data, while still enabling them to access the information they need. When leveraging role-based permissions, you can get the most out of your software.

Using role-based permissions can improve productivity because your software is aligned to your needs. It eliminates common frustrations such as “I don’t have access,” “Who’s in the order?”, “No, you cannot have credentials (license/User limits), and you’ll need to send me what you want changed,” “Call me or Email me, when you get this done.” A system should not be a gatekeeper or throttle your productivity.

In addition, role-based permissions can improve security and reduce the risk of unauthorized access. This approach ensures that Users have the appropriate levels of access to the software they are using, without limiting their productivity or causing unnecessary delays. By leveraging role-based permissions to enable scalability and maximize your Users’ productivity, you can get the most out of your software.

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