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Accepting Title Search Work - Ronald Briggs/TN
6/22/2020 9:25:45 PM (50 views)

Experienced & Insured Pennsylvania Abstractor - Charlene Bruening/PA
6/22/2020 3:28:11 PM (39 views)

Attention Abstractors: Need Help! - Mary Kobayashi/ID
6/16/2020 10:41:16 PM (75 views)

IL Commercial Searchers - Lisa Morris/IN
6/4/2020 12:02:33 PM (70 views)

Affordable Typing Prices - Mary Kobayashi/ID
5/21/2020 12:46:57 AM (78 views)

Real Title Services
AccuSearch Company

5/10/2020 1:29:32 PM (98 views)

5/10/2020 1:17:11 PM (77 views)

Title examiner - C C/NJ
4/29/2020 9:10:39 PM (90 views)

Hire me as your typist - Mary Kobayashi/ID
4/6/2020 5:04:55 PM (115 views)

Tennessee Search Services - Josh Lowe/TN
4/1/2020 1:58:13 PM (168 views)

Staying open in Tennessee - J WILKEY/TN
3/23/2020 1:34:46 PM (175 views)

Blue Streak Docs In Florida - SUZANNE WALLACE/CA
3/11/2020 1:54:24 AM (318 views)
Re: Blue Streak Docs In Florida - Carl Litchfield/SC
3/19/2020 7:56:10 PM (303 views)

Independent Abstractor looking for contract work or employment - ELLEN MITSLER/TX
3/10/2020 8:20:25 PM (289 views)
Re: Independent Abstractor looking for contract work or employment - Jeff Edrington/GA
3/25/2020 8:42:43 AM (248 views)
Re: Independent Abstractor looking for contract work or employment - Connie Kingston/FL
7/6/2020 8:06:37 PM (13 views)

Attention Abstractors - Mary Kobayashi/ID
2/26/2020 8:36:14 PM (321 views)
Re: Attention Abstractors - Kurt deVries/FL
3/29/2020 9:13:04 PM (253 views)
Re: Attention Abstractors - Mary Kobayashi/ID
6/20/2020 11:06:43 PM (60 views)

Abstracting Services Available - Sandra Sprigg/WV
2/11/2020 4:02:48 PM (245 views)

Currently seeking abstracting work in West Virginia and/or eastern Ohio. I have fifteen years of experience in title related matters, primarily within the oil and gas industry but I have also performed residential title searches. Beyond searches of public records, we have assisted with documenting title deficiencies and curative work and preparation of documents for attorney certification. 


The counties that I can provide coverage for in West Virginia are as follows:

   Doddridge                     Marshall                        Upshur

   Gilmer                           Monongalia                   Wetzel

   Harrison                        Nicholas                        Wirt

   Jackson                         Ritchie                          Wood 

   Lewis                            Tyler


The counties that I can provide coverage for in Ohio are as follows:

    Athens                        Monroe

    Belmont                     Washington


Products offered range from simple document retrieval, recordation of documents, current owner searches, lien checks, client specified time range searches, full oil and gas research, leasehold searches and heirship / genealogy requests. 

 I am currently under an E&O Policy with Lloyds of London and am a member of the American Association of Professional Landmen. 


If interested in giving us a try for your project, please get in touch and we would be happy to discuss your search needs and a fee schedule. 


Zenith Title Services, LLC

Sandy Sprigg

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Title Abstractor
July 01 2020
Hello, my name is Johanna Malki, I have been in this business 20+ years, I carry E & O insurance and work in Florida. I have worked for many title companies in the past and present. Looking for someone who will appreciate
years of experience. pl...[more info]

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