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Manual vs. Automated: Don't Let Outdated Methods Drive Clients to Competitors
by Denise Williams | 2023/05/17 |

In today's fast-paced business landscape, one area that often presents challenges is how clients and vendors share order information. As a Title Abstractor, you know that each client may have their own method, and it's up to you to pull together orders from various sources into a centralized system. Unfortunately, many abstractors still rely on manual methods for order entry. It's time to consider the impact this has on your efficiency and your attractiveness to clients.

Here’s an example: you receive an $80 order and it takes you 30 minutes to find the email, copy and paste the details, send a confirmation email, and track the ETA - that can take an hour of time.  By investing ~$20 worth of manual effort thus far, the order value is now $60, and no search work has even been done yet. That's 25% of your gross revenue consumed.

Now, wouldn't it be great to recoup all or most of that revenue with more automated processes ... and boost your margins? There are many way to handle
incoming orders, and figuring out your options is a great starting point.

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First, check out 8 methods that range from manual to fully automated - what method(s) are you using?

1.     Email with Order(s) Attached: Manually enter orders from attachments (PDF, Word, CSV, Excel).

2.     Email with Order Written in Body: Manually enter orders from email bodies.

3.     Email notification of Order in Portal/Sent Link: Manually enter orders grabbed from portal or linked remote site..

4.     Email to Quick-Add/Scan: Low manual, high automated order entry.

5.     No notification, Check Portals for Pending Orders: Manual entry.

6.     Un/Scheduled Order Import/Export: Manual or low-level automation.

7.     Web Form to Order Queue: Fully automated.

8.     API/Integrations: Fully automated.

Your clients are likely being marketed to by other title search vendors that offer seamless integration, status updates, ETA updates, and other features. Clients continually evaluate vendors to determine who best to use and trust with optimal turnaround times and accuracy – workflow integrations will play a part of that, if not now, soon.  Have your Clients asked you about your system, integrations, sharing data?

To truly optimize operations, manual order entry methods must be replaced with more cost-effective methods. Do any of the methods more automated look attractive to you? Partnering with a tech company experienced in these integration techniques will unlock the full potential of automations, freeing you up to take on more business and potentially expand into new markets. These advanced order entry methods help keep your clients happy and position your business as the preferred vendor. Don't be left behind.

Break free from the shackles of manual order entry. Leverage a tech company, who understands your industry's unique challenges and can provide tailored solutions. With the right technology partner by your side, you can revolutionize your order management, leaving behind the tedious, manual and error-prone methods of the past. Remember, it's not just about improving your operations; it's about thriving in a competitive landscape and positioning yourself for long-term success.

Take action today to leverage technology and be your best.

If you have a TechTalk topic you’d like to suggest, please email me at Denise@RDSteam.us 

Denise WilliamsReal Document Solutions

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Thank you.


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