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Blurbs from the Bossman

The Sincerest Form Of Flattery?
by Scott Perry | 2011/12/22 |

I was originally going to post this to General Discussion, but it somehow seemed more appropriate here.  It has come to my attention that a fellow SOT member is truly impressed with the way I write.  So much so, that this member has seen fit to plagiarize the content of my advertising from SOT onto another website. 

Blurbs from the Bossman ::

To be clear, we’re not simply talking about a phrase or two here and there, (after all, as God’s Word tells us, "there is no new thing under the sun", Ecclesiastes 1:9). 
This is blatant “copy-and-paste” plagiarism.  This member simply copied and pasted my ad word-for-word, removing my company name and inserting theirs in its place.  I won’t mention the name of the website (or the member) just yet, this being the Christmas season, the season of giving.  Furthermore, since I’m in such a charitable mood, I’ve also decided to forebear from taking any legal action, (at least for now) to give the guilty party the opportunity to remove the offending verbiage from their advertising.

To the member of whom I speak (and you know who you are), consider this your written public notice: as the author and owner of the content at issue, I herewith demand that you IMMEDIATELY remove from all of your advertising the copyrighted material that you have brazenly and audaciously appropriated from my company.  I will wait for a reasonable amount of time, but as it stands, I have plenty of evidence to back up my claims and all legal options are on the table.  I await your response.

Scott L. Perry, President
Jireh Business Information Solutions, Inc.


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If I had a nickel...

If I had a nickel for every time someone "borrowed" my writing, I'd have a lot of nickels!  Years ago, I remember stumbling across a blog on an interesting topic... turned out, I wrote it!  Imagine my surprise whey I discovered it was on someone else's blog with no mention of my name or a link to Source of Title.  Then it happened again, and again, on other blogs.  Initially, I emailed a few of those bloggers and at least asked them to credit Source of Title for the content.  After a while, I just gave up.

People do not understand plagiarism, or copyrights.  They just assume that if I put my information on a public Web site for the world to read, it must be okay for them to cut and paste it on their site. 

I decided to take the plagiarism as flattery.


by Robert Franco | 2011/12/23 | log in or register to post a reply

been a victim myself
I always request written permission to re-post all or even part of someone else's work. Seems I may be in the minority, but having been plagerized myself, I get it! But I admit to being flattered and angry at the same time when someone steals my work! 
by CHARLENE PERRY | 2011/12/23 | log in or register to post a reply
Blurbs from the Bossman


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