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You hired me to do a job so, get out of the way and let me do it
by CHARLENE PERRY | 2012/06/20 |

You ever have a client you wanted to fire?  Of course, we all have.  But this one takes the cake for sure!  


This returning client hired me to do a rush job on an investment property he was purchasing.  He had convinced the seller to hold the note on the transaction and wanted me to push this entire transaction through within less than 10 business day!  In my opinion he was afraid the seller would wise up and realize that he was being shafted on the sales price and wanted the deal to close before the seller could back out.  But, that's my opinion, not a statement of fact.

To further complicate matters we are at the end of our fiscal tax year in Maryland and have very specific cut off dates relating to recording before the end of the tax year or paying the real esate taxes due on July 1.  So, as one might imagine, the court house is jammed with title agents and their representatives trying to get everything together within in the allowed time. And in addiiton, there is a document titled "lien certificate" that is required to be presented with deeds which document indicates whether or not the county, municipality or state have placed any liens against the property, including open taxes etc.  So, again, as one might imagine, there are HUNDREDS or more RUSH requests at the liens department to get this document in enough time to allow for recording before the end of the fiscal tax year.

Now as this transaction has progressed this is what has occured:

  • Client called office to speak to me, was told I was in closing and would be at least another hour; client SCREAMED at my assistant stating "there is no way in hell a closing takes an hour, have her call me right now!" and then, immediatly following that call......
  • client stopped by my office while I was in closing waited for me to come out of the conference room to make a copy and commenced to follow me around my office asking whether certain things had been done relating to his transaction; client was aware that I was in the middle of a closing transaction but kept me tied up for more than 10 minutes
  • client called DAILY after having called the clerk of the court, the taxing authority and a "friend" who does title searches to see whether or not certain things relating to his transaction had been completed;  client claiming we were "dragging our feet"
  • At closing- client continually interrupted me as I was trying to explain the Note and Mortgage to seller, remember, seller was holding the paper! Client repeatedly stating to seller "none of that matters, just sign and let's get this done, I'm in a hurry"
  • At closing, client refused, despite the demand of the seller (Note Holder), to allow me to hold an escrow to pay taxes due July 1, stating if taxes aren't paid by June 30 he will pay them himself at that time.   Great but, after June 30 if we can't record because we don't have that RUSH lien certificate, we can't record until the buyer pays the taxes and the seller's 1st lien (Mortgage) on the property won't record until then either.

And then today he calls again to stated, in a very animated way "I don't care what you have to do, I don't care what your cost, I WANT THAT DEED ON RECORD TOMORROW!  Well, believe me, so do I, but guess what?  That RUSH LIEN we asked for is not here yet.  

I am about ready to choke this client for real. Who does he think he is?  

Why would you hire a professional to provide a professional service to you, ask for and receive preferential treatment as it relates to time lines and then behave in this manner?  If you hire me to do a job I will do the job to the very best of my abilities, I will use all of my available resources to meet your demands and I will treat you with respect and courtesy.  All I ask is for the same courtesy and for you to GET OUT OF THE WAY AND LET ME DO MY JOB


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My opinion
Hi, just let me say that you have more patience and are waaaayy nicer than I would have been in that situation. From what you described he sounds like he is CRAZY and should seek professional help immediately....or he is a crook and is hiding something and wanted to expidite things so he can get his money and run. I would have most defientely called the Police when he stormed into the office during your closing and had him removed from the premises. If he is a realtor I would report him to the board of realtors as well as contacting Police again to investigate his activities. 
by Penny Bettorf | 2012/06/24 | log in or register to post a reply

Slow down, you move too fast. You got to make the title last.

I have had some clients like that too.  They think you can snap a finger and make everything happen at once.  Or how about the lender who only gives you closing instructions 40 minues before a closing and the closing is an hour away from the office.  And you are late because it's your fault. 

By now I expect that delays are always our fault, even when they are not.  You just need to get passive agressive.  Slow down, do your work right and know that all will be fogiven once the closing is complete and there are no post closing mistakes.  I find if you let the client rush you, you could have unexpected problems later.  It's better to slow down and do it right the first time.

by Jeffrey Land | 2012/06/25 | log in or register to post a reply

Crazy for sure !


Thank you for your response.  Yes, he is probably crazy, but hey, most of my clients are -:) 

I did some research and did find that in fact this gentlemen (?) has had a restraining order placed against him in the past.  So, it seems this is a pattern of behavior.   I actually ended up sending him an e-mail outlining all of the things that he did during this transaction that actually made me and my staff fear for our safety in his presence.   I advised him that all future communication between us had to be in writing and that he was not to enter the premises again.  

So far he has been compliant.  He did send me an e-mail response with what he claimed to be a cc to his attorney.  Well, the attorney that he named in his cc line is not even listed in the Maryland Bar Association Directory.  I asked him, in my e-mail responseto him, to provide the contact information for his attorney and all of the sudden he sends me an apology letter and a request not to forward my e-mails or his responses and asked for a face to face meeting to enable him to apologize.  I will not be complying with that request.

by CHARLENE PERRY | 2012/06/27 | log in or register to post a reply

I love the title to your post

Yes, if we could all slow down it would be a much better world.   Thank you for reading and responding to my post Jeffrey.

In this case I'm not real sure I am feeling very forgiving.  

by CHARLENE PERRY | 2012/06/27 | log in or register to post a reply

Police Matter no question

Play time is over. Anytime these outpatients scream raise raise their voice,you call the police

for disturbing the peace, and trespassing.

  If he threatened you, that is Assault even without touching you.

You have witnesses you assistant and the seller.

If you don't already have a Pit Bull Attorney Locate one on Martindale Hubble or get a referral.

You Instruct the Attorney to  To sue for emotional distress, and have have ask the Judge

for a Motion for Garnishment before judgement. ( so he can't liquidate and Lien all his properties.

And an injuction from having him contact you and to stay at least 500 feet from you .

With your strong witnesses and compelling testimony , you will both  teach him a lesson

and be more than compensated With at a minimum Tens of thousands  to wipe away the tears.

Tell the Attorney his fee is 50% on cotingecy, your have to pay the court costs




by Sam Rosenberg | 2012/08/17 | log in or register to post a reply



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