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Launch of efizbo®, a Revolutionary Platform, Streamlines the For-Sale-By-Owner Closing Process, Transforming the Future of Florida's Real Estate Industry
press release, efizbo

With all the technological developments in the real estate industry over the past years, including simplified task automation, real estate marketplaces, and price refinement, perhaps the most groundbreaking advancement that's designed to save sellers time and more money than ever just launched and is available for Florida homeowners. 

efizbo, a one-of-a kind platform is guiding sellers through the entire For-Sale-By-Owner process, from contract to close, all without the need of an agent. Upon coming to terms with a buyer, sellers now have the ability to create their contract, eSign, initiate escrow deposit transfer, and close electronically 100% online, eliminating in person meetings, tedious phone calls, and other monotonous tasks while saving 6% on their closing costs.

"Presently, 8% of 5.3m annual residential real estate sales nationwide are For-Sale-By-Owner. The State of Florida see this same split with its residential real estate transactions. With the launch of efizbo, we want to assist this often-forgotten underserved part of the market. We're changing the industry for the better, and people are looking for ways to shop smarter with their homes, cutting unnecessary costs, and the amount of money they're saving makes our service a no-brainer,"says A.J. Romeo, efizbo's Chief Marketing Officer.

Intuitive, transparent platform offers a variety of resources to earn the trust of its users, including a free real estate sales contract, a savings cost simulator letting sellers calculate how much they will net from their sale right off the bat, an integrated closing agent which insures the transaction through a title insurance policy while also providing constant communication to all parties via webchat or text message. Step by step, efizbo guides sellers through each milestone, from contract to the final signature, all 100% online for an unbelievably easy selling process.

As the push for 100% virtual processes continues to grow in the ever-evolving digital age, there's no doubt efizbo's unprecedented application is guaranteed to transform the real estate industry forever.

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