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Dealing with debt collectors
by czarina jones | 2014/04/19

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Expressed Agreements v the Uniform Commercial Code
by john gault | 2014/04/18

This material looks at the UCC as the default law which it is when construing

enforcement of promissory notes utilized in home loans. 

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ATR Sued…
by William Pattison | 2014/04/17

Business Research and Abstract Services recently sued Applied Technology Resourses Inc for failing to pay them for nineteen forty-year property reports. ATR tried to claim they paid for three of the reports. This was never substanciated.

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Check your E&O Insurance
by brian reilly | 2014/03/25

Error and Omission insurance is very expensive. So, if your state does not require it, why get it? It’s simple really—you can’t afford not to. No matter how careful you are or how many times you double check—mistakes are inevitable in every industry. It is human nature. But if you are making decisions that affect other people, high stakes liability can quickly escalate. Suddenly you’re being sued for simple errors that had huge consequences.

Errors and omissions insurance protects you against malpractice claims that could result in bankruptcy. Without it, you could be responsible for enormous fines. Usually insurance will cover monetary damages that you may have caused due to your professional negligence. However, more often than not it will not cover personal injury.

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New PA Lien Law Causes Confusion Among Realtors, Lenders
by Scott Perry | 2014/02/27

Recent changes to Pennsylvania's Lien Law have caused quite the confusion amongst the real estate, title and lending communities with regard to the indexing and reporting of delinquent property tax liens.  This article aims to help dispel some basic misunderstandings about the new law.

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Blurbs from the Bossman :: 5 comments ::

5 Ways to Save Money on Worker's Comp
by Carly Wright | 2014/02/26

In an office, danger lurks around every shelf, machine and desk. Of course, some businesses are more susceptible to the falls of workers compensation than others. In the end though no one is immune and accidents happen. And if the unthinkable does happen, your company will take the hit. Works Comp insurance is a necessary part of the corporate world, but in general, businesses spend way too much on insurance for multiple reasons ranging from errors to ignorance. Thankfully there is something you can do about it.

Set up a Safety plan

Being prepared is the best way to prevent and properly handle a work related accident. Having a well-designed safety plan not only decreases the amount of incidents, but having a recorded safety procedures can help in lowering premiums with most insurance providers.  Some ideas for your safety plan:

  • Provide a written explanation and detailed plan for every employee.
  • Ensure the completed plan is plainly visible and accessible.
  • Conduct annual safety trainings
  • Perform scheduled inspections and safety drills
  • Offer emergency training such as CPR and first aid to employees.

Create an Incident Report plan

If your company is a higher risk environment, creating an incident report plan can lower the severity of injuries and help employees from being exposed to potentially dangerous situations. The main things to focus on in an incident report plan are:

  • Proper procedure for a first responder
  • Establish relationships with healthcare providers for fast and proper employee care.

Establish a Drug Free Workplace

Did you know that according to the substance Abuse Health Services Administrations, "employed drug abusers cost their employers about twice as much in medical and worker compensation claims as their drug-free coworkers." It is crucial for any business looking to save money and ensure the safety of their employees to be a drug free environment. Ways this can be achieved is through screening new hires and conduct random drug testing on current employees.

Outsource Dangerous Jobs

In some cases, it makes better financial sense to outsource the most dangerous operations. The main thing to consider with this is making sure the outsourced vendor doesn't cost more than what you're saving.  Between a high amount of premiums and multiple claims, sending the danger somewhere else is your best bet.

Take Proper Care of Claims

Errors, both human and machine, are always a risk and can cause you a fortune if big enough. Anything from not closing the claim on time, an oversight or simple data entry error can cause extra money. While you may think you can stay on top of it, using a third-party company like Brown & Theis, LLP can help ensure that your claims are filed in a timely, accurate manner.

Employee safety is the most important thing and should never be taken lightly. That being said, there is no reason you should spend unnecessary money when you shouldn't have to. Being prepared and having the proper knowledge will help keep your employees safe along with saving your company money. 

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Carly Wright's Blog :: 0 comments ::

5 Things to Do Before Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney
by Carly Wright | 2014/02/25

When searching for the right attorney, do these five things before you take your case to court.

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Carly Wright's Blog :: 0 comments ::

5 Ways to Prep for a Successful Signing
by Herbert Willis | 2014/02/10

In this list we go over the 5 ways to prep for a successful signing. Making sure you have all your ducks in a row can mean the difference if a signing is going to be good or not. Following these steps can help make sure that everything is prepared and ready from all sides of the signing. Sometimes by following these steps, you end up catching something that needs to be corrected and saves you from having to correct it later. Now no one is perfect but making sure you have a guideline system before the signing can make the difference of having a successful signing.

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Herbert Willis's Blog :: 0 comments ::

Maryland Senate Bill 229- limits on fees charged by Homeowner's Associations
by CHARLENE PERRY | 2014/02/03

The Maryland Land Title Association and the Maryland Association of Realtors strongly supports this bill which seeks to limit the fees charged to unit owners/homeowners for resale packages and statements of account.

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Top 5 Iphone Apps for Mobile Notaries
by Herbert Willis | 2014/01/31

 I have compiled a list of the Top 5 Iphone Apps for Mobile Notaries. With today’s technology and the capabilities that are available in just the palm of your hand, there are many applications for the Apple Iphone that help us Mobile Notaries out on a daily basis. These apps can help keep cost down and increase productivity.




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Herbert Willis's Blog :: 4 comments ::

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