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When is a lien not a lien?
by CHARLENE PERRY | 2014/08/28

When the County can't provide a valid legal argument for it's collection!

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CHARLENE PERRY's Blog :: 1 comments ::

Third party vetting issue rears it's ugly head again
by CHARLENE PERRY | 2014/08/15

Have you or anyone you know ever been asked to pay a fee to be vetted by a third party vetting services as a condition being put on a lender's approved vendor list?

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CHARLENE PERRY's Blog :: 2 comments ::

Non Public Information and title agents
by CHARLENE PERRY | 2014/08/14


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CHARLENE PERRY's Blog :: 1 comments ::

by William Pattison | 2014/07/22

   As many of you know, I was very sick over the past couple of years, with heart and kidney failure.  Your kind wishes and messages were much appreciated. 


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William Pattison 's Blog :: 2 comments ::

Name Runs: A Brief Lesson
by William Pattison | 2014/07/21

   As abstractors come and go in our insustry, it behooves us to engage them in prper training before sending them out alone.  Searching names on the Tee-Tor indices is a key component to many title projects.



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William Pattison 's Blog :: 3 comments ::

Adding a blank 1st Page Cover Sheet to recordings- Maryland
by CHARLENE PERRY | 2014/07/07

Some jurisdictions in Maryland have begun using a 1st page cover sheet which the clerk attaches to the final recorded document.  

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CHARLENE PERRY's Blog :: 4 comments ::

Are you a Digital Criminal?
by William Pattison | 2014/06/06

  California State Senator Jerry Hill, notable for his role in investigating PGandE after the San Bruno fire, introduced legislation which would make it illegal to photograph vehicle license plates for the inclusion in privately owned commercial databases. 

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William Pattison 's Blog :: 0 comments ::

Privacy vs. the Public Record
by William Pattison | 2014/05/30

  Property owners, voters and taxpayers frequent the Reorders Office and often express a sentiment that laments their lack of privacy.  This occurs when they access the various digital records at said facilities and realize the wide range and scope of information about them that anyone can view.  Birth certificates, marriage data, voting histories, business filings, property taxes, home ownership and house assessments are all available at the touch of the finger.

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William Pattison 's Blog :: 3 comments ::

Punished for trying to fix a flawed mortgage
by Slade Smith | 2014/05/27

A bank lost another mortgage because they made an error in recording their mortgage-- as is all too common, they attached the wrong legal description.  However, in this unusual case, the bank caught the error before anybody else and applied to the court to get the incorrect legal description fixed, but a judge still voided it. 

In reading the facts of the case, I thought the court got it wrong, resulting in a very unfair decision.  See what you think.

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Slade Smith's Blog :: 6 comments ::

Ohio's H.B. 201 Gets My Vote for Worst Bill of the Year
by Robert Franco | 2014/05/06

Yes, I know it is only May.  There is still a lot of time for our legislature to really do something stupid (and I'm sure they will), but I'm pretty confident that H.B. 201 will take the award for Worst Bill of the Year for 2014.  It seeks to greatly expand and codify equitable subrogation, which I have blogged about before. In 2010, I opined that Equitable Subrogation was an Over-used Remedy for Negligence and I applauded an Ohio Supreme Court decision that limited its applicability.  I was particularly pleased with the Court because more than a year earlier I questioned the lower court decision that applied equitable subrogation to bail out the negligent lender. 

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Categories: Abstractors, Huh?, Land Title Associations, Ohio Legislation, Small Agents, Title Industry

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