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Signature Closers, Pavaso partner to provide eNotary and digital closing services to title networks
press release

Pavaso, Inc., a provider of digital mortgage closing technology and collaboration solutions for the mortgage industry, has partnered with Signature Closers, a Columbus, Ohio based firm supporting title agents and mortgage lenders with secure closing transaction support.

The partnership will round out Signature Closers offerings, providing access to Pavaso’s Digital Closing Services to deliver a closing experience that is modern, better, and faster. In addition, the relationship will facilitate easier communication, collaboration and secure data exchange among all the transaction’s stakeholders.

Pavaso’s Digital Closing Services accommodate any type of closing without requiring IT implementation or training, allowing lenders to focus on balancing the digital demands of today’s environment with their everyday business. The platform accommodates early signing, attorney states, split closings, multiple borrowers, sellers, and more. Mortgage lenders, their business partners and consumers can communicate, collaborate and work in a single virtual location.

According to Signature Closers President, Mark Fleming, Jr., the partnership moves the firm into a position where the company can offer traditional closings as well as digital closings. “Through our partnership with Pavaso, we're one step closer to realizing our vision of providing in-person traditional closings, eClosings, and eventually online closings to the consumer. We believe that this multi-faceted approach differentiates us from our competitors and will resonate with the industry as we can serve all types of customers across all demographics. Through Pavaso's world-class eClosing technology and our ability to build a national database of Certified Pavaso signing agents that meet the stringent vetting requirements of Signature Closers, we will be able to provide efficient and professionally managed eClosings across the country."

"As eClosings gain momentum, we are positioning ourselves in more and more markets,” said Nancy Pratt, Vice President Partner Relations & Government Affairs for Pavaso. “It is essential that we can provide closing services across the country that offer efficiency and excellence for our lenders, real estate agents and borrowers. By partnering with Signature Closers, we can continue to eClose loans and provide the top-notch service we demand in all Pavaso closings."

About Pavaso

Texas-based Pavaso is transforming the mortgage process with radically innovative digital mortgage closing technology facilitating fast, consistent, accurate and compliant closings every time. Pavaso offers a single, collaborative, secure portal promoting transparency, efficiency, consumer education and communication in a seamless format delivering value to every stakeholder involved in the transaction. For more information on how you can streamline your process and digitally transform your organization, call us at 866.288.7051 or visit 

About Signature Closers

Signature Closers was founded in Columbus, Ohio in 2006 and provides title companies and lenders in residential and commercial real estate markets with secure closing transaction support. To date, the Signature Closers Network of signing agents has completed over 300,000 real estate closings across the country.

Through a national network of vetted signing agents and integrations with partners such as Adeptive's ResWare(tm), Signature Closers provides a closing management platform, delivery and tracking of closing documents, post-closing management, tax reporting, and vendor payment oversight among other services. The company soon plans to offer a platform called Signature Sync to companies that are interested in having an automated, compliant system to manage their own real estate closings with back-end support services for paying vendors, tax reporting, and much more.

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