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CATIC Title Insurance Company Enters the New Jersey Market
press release, CATIC Financial

CATIC Financial is pleased to announce the entry of CATIC Title Insurance Company into the New Jersey title insurance market with the opening of an office in Woodbridge, New Jersey.

“We are thrilled to be entering the New Jersey title insurance marketplace by offering title insurance through independent title agents while supporting New Jersey attorneys in the process,” said James M. Czapiga, Esq., President & CEO of CATIC Financial and CATIC Title Insurance Company.

Stephen Maggiola, Executive Vice President and Counsel, stated, “We are pleased to announce that CATIC Title Insurance Company has hired Jack Sudol as its New Jersey State Manager and Lawrence C. Bell as New Jersey State Counsel. Both have extensive experience in the title insurance industry and bring a wealth of knowledge to our agents.”

Jack Sudol brings more than 15 years of experience in the New Jersey title insurance industry to the position of New Jersey State Manager for CATIC Title Insurance Company. Jack’s proven strengths are in agency support and strategic marketing, accounting and auditing. Prior to joining CATIC Title Insurance Company in April 2018, Jack held positions with two national title insurance underwriters as a State Auditor, Director of Business Development, and Assistant District Manager.

In his capacity as New Jersey State Counsel, Larry Bell brings to CATIC Title more than 40 years of legal experience spanning representation of parties to residential and commercial real estate transactions, condominium associations, business and corporate entities, and as a commercial litigator. He is a 25-year veteran of the title insurance industry, working as underwriting counsel for national title insurance underwriters, and attaining the level of senior underwriter and national underwriting counsel. Larry also has more than 20 years of experience as Director of a title school licensed to provide CE and CLE.

CATIC Title Insurance Company is a member of the American Land Title Association, the New Jersey Land Title Association, and the New Jersey Land Title Insurance Rating Bureau. Its policies are accepted by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for the secondary market. Through its reinsurance agreements with the American Title Reinsurance Alliance and Lloyd’s of London, CATIC Title Insurance Company issues policies of up to $500 million.

To learn more about CATIC Title Insurance Company, please visit its website,

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