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Pilgrim Title Receives National Recognition for Marketing Campaign
press release, Pilgrim Title Insurance Company

Pilgrim Title Insurance Company, a Rhode Island- based title and closing services provider, is generating national attention from the American Land Title Association for its marketing and social media efforts. At the center of Pilgrim Title's efforts is TOD, the company's mascot that stands for Title On Demand. TOD looks like a cartoon and acts as a portal to the company's web site and services.

When Dena Davis joined Pilgrim Title in 2017 as Marketing Director, the company didn't have a social media presence. Davis' main role was to boost its presence and promote the company's brand. Davis created TOD as a way for Pilgrim to accomplish these goals.

"People seem to appreciate the sense of humor TOD brings, while offering useful information, tools and community outreach," Davis said. "We believe that creating a persona representing everything title would make the information we share more digestible, and frankly, more fun."

The response to TOD has been well received by Realtors and lenders and the Title On Demand portal makes transactions smoother, she added.

"People often interact with TOD online, and clients often want their picture taken with a cardboard cutout of TOD after a closing," Davis said. Pilgrim Title also launched TOD Talks videos, where its attorneys address common title issues and solutions the company offers its clients.

In addition to earning recognition for the TOD campaign, Pilgrim has made strides as an accessible title and closing service by providing online educational tools that explain the settlement process. As the real estate world moves towards e-closing and e-filing, Pilgrim Title is one of the first title companies to adopt the Digital Post Closing Package, which gives homebuyers a secure place to keep their valuable documents while providing a connection with realtors, lenders and the closing attorney.

"Customers want the convenience of digital access to information as well as access to the professionals handling their transactions," says Christopher Montalbano, one of the Principals of Pilgrim Title. "We strive to provide all of these elements to homebuyers, lenders, and real estate agents."

Pilgrim has gained new followers and customers on social media. Views on Pilgrim Title's Facebook page increased 127 percent in a recent month, while engagement increased 81 percent. A recent video campaign bumped up company video views by 735 percent. Davis will represent Pilgrim Title at two upcoming national conferences for Closing Professionals – one in Raleigh and one in Chicago in 2019.


About Pilgrim Title Insurance Company

Pilgrim Title Insurance Company is a Rhode Island- based title and closing services provider. Pilgrim currently has offices in Barrington, East Providence and Orlando, Florida and is licensed to close in Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Florida. Visit for more about Pilgrim and TOD.

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