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Silk Title Co. Focuses on Digital Mortgage Closing Experience, Triples Client Base, Achieves Single-Month Record in 2019
press release, Silk Title Company

Silk Title Co., the leading provider of digitally-driven mortgage closing services, announced it achieved record growth in 2019, enabling the firm to deliver on its “service at scale” promise to its institutional bank and independent mortgage lender clients nationwide.

Throughout the year, Silk Title Co. tripled its client base and maintained a zero percent client attrition rate, enabling it to achieve several successive record months. The firm experienced a 582% increase in revenue over 2018, requiring the addition of just 13 employees to its staff due to its strategic infrastructure investments.

“‘Service at Scale’ is a motto we take seriously, and to that end we have invested considerable resources in developing a business model that maximizes our people, processes and technology to deliver virtually flawless title, settlement and closing services significantly faster and cheaper than the competition,” said Silk Title Co. President and CEO Marc Trachtenberg. “Our organization is fully committed to executing mortgage closings as digitally as possible, and our like-minded mortgage lending clients have reaped the benefits of this commitment through reduced costs, faster closing times and an overall better experience for their borrowers and real estate agent partners.”

“Our industry assumes that technology is a panacea to the operational problems in loan manufacturing and closing. At Silk Title we’ve observed that injecting innovative technology into a fundamentally broken process is far from the cure-all everyone assumes,” Trachtenberg explained. “That’s why we crafted our proprietary process first and then built out our customized technology environment to support it. As a result, we’ve cultivated a tech-driven, process-oriented client base that recognizes the value of a centralized operating environment and is committed to collaborating with Silk to deliver a seamless closing experience to their borrowers.”


About Silk Title Company

Silk Title Co. provides title insurance, search and settlement services across the nation to the top institutional banks and independent mortgage lenders. Additionally, the firm also provides services for foreclosure, default, REO, and traditional real estate transactions. Leveraging a proprietary blend of people, process and technology, Silk Title Co. is able to deliver digital mortgage closing services at scale, resulting in some of the fastest turn times in the industry while delighting homebuyers, real estate agents and lenders alike. To learn more, visit

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