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William Pattison 's Blog

ATR Sued…
by William Pattison | 2014/04/17 |

Business Research and Abstract Services recently sued Applied Technology Resourses Inc for failing to pay them for nineteen forty-year property reports. ATR tried to claim they paid for three of the reports. This was never substanciated.

William Pattison 's Blog ::

Applied Technology Resources (ATR) in Seminole Florida was sued by Business Research and Abstract Services in California on April 8th 2014. The civil court awarded BRASS its full requested damages. No cross complaint was filed by ATR. ATR ordered property research and refused to pay upon delivery. This is a blemish on the otherwise honest reputation of the title and abstracting industries. This fails the test of good business practices. ATR’s actions do not conform to the good standards and practices of this profession and are good cause for any client to doubt the accuracy and validity of any report that they would issue.


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ATR Non-Payment Practices

I've done searches for them but refuse to anymore, unless I am paid up front, (which has never happened). They use to be a good payer but that was many years ago. I would advise anyone to stay away unless you want to give your time and effort for charity

by Tamara Howard | 2014/04/21 | log in or register to post a reply

Response from ATR on being Sued

ATR placed 18 Legal & Vesting searches with Business Research & Abstract Services (BRASS). BRASS delivered 3/18 reports to ATR in a completed format. ATR cut a check on 12/18/2013 for the 3 completed reports. To date BRASS has not deposited said check. BRASS never delivered ATR a completed product for the other 15/18 orders, many of which did not even have a deed. Without a deed, our client is unable to accurately ascertain whether the legal description of record is correct or determine who is currently vested in title matches assessment records. ATR notified BRASS of the missing data and BRASS did not deliver. Thus, ATR’s client cancelled the files, ATR notified BRASS the files cancelled, and no payment was rendered to either ATR or BRASS.

Subsequently, ATR received a notice of pending suit against BRASS from the California court. ATR turned the facts over to our attorney who tried to reach BRASS on several occasions, to no avail.

At that point ATR's management did not follow through with pursuing the case. Since ATR had sent payment for the three orders BRASS completed and all of the other orders had been cancelled accordingly, ATR did not pursue the case as ATR’s management and legal counsel concluded it was a nuisance suit.

If anyone reading this comment would like more detailed information about this case, would like to place an order, or would like to process orders for ATR please contact us via email,, or by phone, 727-381-1836.

We apologize, if our inaction caused you any inconvenience.
by Kristina Rustin | 2014/04/25 | log in or register to post a reply

What is the nature of ATR's business?

I heard from them the other day.  They wanted a price and ETA and circumstances were such that I couldn't give them any work at present.  What does ATR do?  I can't find satisfactory information about the nature of their business, what goods or services they provide, what industry they're in, etc. 

 Anybody know?


by Carol Clark | 2014/05/19 | log in or register to post a reply

ATR has not paid us either

We are also having payment issues with ATR.  We also did 19 (or more) 40 year searches for ATR and have not been paid.

 In reply to ATRs response - our company both completed 40 years of research, and where needed, went beyond 40 years in order to secure the most recent deed.  In some cases, we made several trips and searched back to the 1920's for no additional fee to secure the current deed.  However, ATR is saying they will not pay because they did not feel the deeds we sent were a good stop, and they wanted us to continue searching back to find the original acquistion or something to prove 100% ownership.

Once we find a deed AND completed a 40 year search, we expect to get paid.  If additional research is requested to verify 100%, over the 40 year mark, then we charge hourly.

However, ATR expected us to go back for them without an additional charge, and since we would not, they do not want to pay us at all.

We are also considering what our next step will be with ATR.  Our position is that we completed the searches as requested up to industry standard for a full 40 year search, and we now expect to get paid. 

by Daniel Silverburg | 2014/06/19 | log in or register to post a reply
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