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Michele Blanco's Blog

Top 5 Real Estate Abstractor Tools & Software
by Michele Blanco | 2019/05/13 |

Michele Blanco's Blog ::

Sometimes work can be hard. It can especially seem that way when you don’t have the most helpful tools. It’s frustrating, and a quick glance at the tools out there can look… sketchy. We’ve compiled a list of reliable solutions to help with the title and settlement processes.

Before you start your software search, make sure you do the following:

      Always check to make sure the website is secure. Open any new software websites in a hidden or “incognito” window so as to minimize their way of tracking you after you leave their site. A few quick tips on how you can check for this are:

      Looking for the lock icon and the “S” in HTTPS in the URL bar! This is an SSL certificate, which means the company has made sure that any sensitive information entered on the site is protected. Without this certificate, your client’s information could be subject to being breached.

      Make sure they have a privacy policy that communicates how the company collects, protects, and uses your data. If a business is not going to be upfront about how they’ll use your client’s data, you probably shouldn’t be trusting their services.

      Anything that looks or feels suspicious like misspelled ads, links, logos, or pop-ups are a red flag for a website being infested with malware. Check to see if there is contact info or an address. If there is not, get out of there fast!

Now that you are aware of the signs of suspicious or malicious behavior. We took these tips and found some websites and software you may find useful as a title searcher:

1. Superior Notary Services

Need notary services on the fly? Superior Notary Services allows you access to a notary anywhere, anytime. The notary comes to you, and they also offer after-hours and weekend appointments to help you in a crunch, even for real estate businesses!

2. Qualia

Qualia is an award-winning and certified cloud-based software that provides headache-free services for your professional needs. This includes nationwide mortgage release tracking, easy appointment booking to get documents notarized, and integrated title search and commitment services right at your fingertips. Additionally, Qualia allows analytic reports and combined payments which help show your progress and give easy access to everything you need in one place!

3. SLK Global - SmartProp

With over 15 years of experience, SLK Global is a “business process transformation enterprise” that provides technology for title insurance and other related industries on a global scale. Specifically for title abstractors, they can have access to property search reports and services that give comprehensive information on: current owner search, legal & vesting, TSG/REO, and more. SLK Global also claims that their service will “reduce 58% of turn time for title searching.” Less time searching, and more time turning over projects! Not to shabby right?


4. EasyDoc123

It may have a simple name, but they’ve also had 25 years worth of experience in the real estate industry. EasyDoc123 is a company based out of Pittsburgh, PA, and provides professional services for such needs like: title searches, real estate document preparation, file organization and more. EasyDoc123 has thousands of vendor partners, like notaries & attorneys, who are able to complete requests quickly without breaking the bank to do it.


5. Source of Title

Forums can be your best friend! Source of Title is a dated looking website, we must admit, but it’s used every day by title agents, abstractors, and more to check on everything from their new clients’ reputability to troubleshooting a title issue. Always be careful with what you say and to who on sites like theseyou don’t want to burn your bridges with a potential client. However, considering there’s not always a lot of resources out to find answers to current, real-time problems in this niche industry, utilizing a place like this may be more handy than you think!



Lastly, by making sure you have the right tools at hand to help keep your workload manageable you’re not only going to make your life easier, but make profits faster! Just be sure to keep your guard up when searching for production and management tools. Ask fellow industry colleagues if you’re unsure about a company or service. There are even forums where you can inquire about issues like these and get answers pretty quickly. Remember: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Trusting in the wrong service could result in you getting hit with a lawsuit so it’s better to be safe than sorry.


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