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How an Unwritten, Unrecorded Claim to Land Can Beat a Validly Recorded Deed
Unrecorded interests in land are problematic enough, much less an interest in land based on a contract that wasn't even written in the first place. Nevertheless, in a recent Pennsylvania case, a holder of such an unrecorded, unwritten interest prevailed over a person whose claim was evidenced by a recorded warranty deed.
CFPB Sues Ocwen for Failing Borrowers Throughout Mortgage Servicing Process
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) today sued one of the country’s largest nonbank mortgage loan servicers, Ocwen Financial Corporation, and its subsidiaries for failing borrowers at every stage of the mortgage servicing process.
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RamQuest & CertSimple Announce New Integration
RamQuest, Inc., a leading provider of title and settlement solutions for the Land Title industry, announced today that its Closing Market digital network is now integrated with CertSimple.
MBA: Purchase Mortgages for New Homes Rise
The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) Builder Application Survey (BAS) data for March 2017 shows mortgage applications for new home purchases increased 6.7 percent compared to March 2016. Compared to February 2017, applications increased by 23 percent relative to the previous month. This change does not include any adjustment for typical seasonal patterns.
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Mortgage applications rise 1.5 percent, as interest rates fall to 2017 low
Homebuyers dominated the mortgage market last week, but refinancers sat on the sidelines despite the lowest interest rates of the year.
Foreclosure law firm accused of conspiring to inflate prices is mostly victorious at trial
The largest foreclosure law firm in Colorado has successfully fought civil allegations that it conspired with competitors and related businesses to fix prices and make more money on side costs, such as title insurance and foreclosure notices.
Sikora helps bring welcome update to title law
A key part of buying and selling real estate in Ohio will change beginning April 6 as a revised law governing title to properties becomes effective.
Suffolk County (NY) Executive Steve Bellone defends mortgage interest deduction
Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone, trying to head off federal tax reform plans that he said could hurt local taxpayers, warned that cutting deductions for mortgage interest and state income taxes would be "devastating" to the Long Island economy.
Want that mortgage interest tax deduction? Pee in this cup first.
There are millions of moochers sucking off the government teat, getting benefits they didn't earn, and at the very least they ought to show they aren't using the money they get to go out and feed their disgusting habit. So we ought to drug test them too.
CoreLogic: Mortgage Delinquency Rate Declines
CoreLogic, a leading global property information, analytics and data-enabled solutions provider, today released a new monthly Loan Performance Insights Report which shows that 5.3 percent of mortgages were delinquent by at least 30 days or more (including those in foreclosure) in January 2017. This represents a 1.1 percentage point decline in the overall delinquency rate compared with January 2016 when it was 6.4 percent.
Commercial Real Estate Picture Improves According to Index
An index of commercial real estate activity, the Dodge Momentum Index, increased by 0.9% in March. The Momentum Index has now risen for six consecutive months, with much of the gain being driven by institutional projects entering planning stages.
MBA Weekly Report: Mortgage Apps Increase 1.5%
Mortgage applications increased 1.5 percent from one week earlier, according to data from the Mortgage Bankers Association's (MBA) Weekly Mortgage Applications Survey for the week ending April 7, 2017.
Septic System Blues
Title insurance generally provides coverage for losses due to recorded encumbrances for which the insurer does not include an exception in the policy. But even if the insured doesn't know about the recording, if the insured knows about the underlying condition of the land that is noticed in the recording, there is likely no coverage, as a recent Washington case involving a septic system illustrates.
Dams and Spiteful People

If you’re going to have a property dispute with your neighbor over a man-made lake, it’s better to be the owner who has the dam on their property, as a recent Iowa case illustrates

Judicial liens and tenancies of the entireties in bankruptcy
When a creditor creates a lien by recording a judgment against a debtor, what happens to that lien when the debtor files for bankruptcy and the debtor’s only real estate is a home owned by a tenancy of the entireties?
Proposed Law in Arkansas Regarding Liability for Negligent Searches
Last week, Arkansas HB 1828, addressing the liability of title agents and insurers for negligent title searches.
Montana House Bill to Require Use of Title Plant
House Bill 223, pending in Montana, would amend the state's title insurance law to require that before an insurer can issue a title insurance policy or title guarantee, it must obtain a title search conducted using a title plant in concert with the county records. 
If a Bank Breaks Into Your Home in a Mistaken Foreclosure, Have You Hit the Jackpot?
Several years ago, it made headlines when foreclosing banks broke into the wrong houses in mistaken attempts to secure properties on which there was no mortgage in default. At the time, these innocent owners might have thought that they could extract huge sums out of the banks for these wrongful trespasses. However, it could be that the homeowners are entitled to nothing more than the cost of replacing the locks on their doors.
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