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Low Existing Home Inventory Fueling Buyer Interest in New Homes
As the National Association of Home Builders celebrates National Homeownership Month in June, more Americans are turning to new home construction as existing inventory remains low and mortgage rates begin to stabilize. Sales of newly built, single-family homes increased in April, reaching the highest level since March 2022.
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ALTA, AARP Applaud Georgia for Passage of NTRAPS Bill
The American Land Title Association, the national trade association of the land title insurance industry, alongside AARP, the Southeast Land Title Association and AARP Georgia applaud the Georgia legislature for passing Senate Bill 90, which will protect homeowners from the predatory practice of filing of unfair real estate fee agreements in property records, known as Non-Title Recorded Agreements for Personal Service (NTRAPS).
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Mortgage Applications Decrease in Latest MBA Weekly Survey
“Inflation is still running too high, and recent economic data is beginning to convince investors that the Federal Reserve will not be cutting rates anytime soon. Mortgage rates for conforming, balance 30-year loans were being quoted above 7 percent by some lenders last week, and the weekly average at 6.9 percent reached the highest level since last November,” said Mike Fratantoni, MBA’s SVP and Chief Economist.
Cross River Bank and Paymints.io Collaborate to Modernize Real Estate Transactions with Secure Payment Infrastructure
“The innovation of digital payments for real estate is still at the early stages,” says Jason Doshi, CEO of paymints.io. “And our partnership with Cross River enables us to continue to build the modern payment experience the real estate industry so desperately needs to make the transfer of funds as safe, convenient, and secure as possible.”
ALTA, AARP, REALTORS Applaud Alabama on Passage of NTRAPS Bill
“SB 228 is a huge win for Alabama’s homeowners and real estate industry,” said Alabama REALTORS CEO Jeremy Walker. “We are proud, along with the Southeast Land Title Association, to see SB 228 come to fruition and safeguard the integrity of our state’s real estate market against potentially burdensome and misleading business practices.”
Appraisal Institute PAREA Program Receives Approval from Appraiser Qualifications Board
PAREA, which is an online program, is an alternative pathway for aspiring appraisers to gain their required experience hours to become a licensed or certified appraiser. Historically, the only option for an appraiser to complete their experience hours was through a supervisor/trainee model that requires the aspiring appraiser to find their own supervisor.
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Arizona homeowners falling victim to deed fraud
"We've seen an increase, I think because now we do electronic recordings, right? We used to... you had a real person that took your ID and, you know, and notarized the deed, and then a real person took that notarized paper to the county's recorder and recorded it, usually through the title company," said Michelle Lind.

Homebuyers can't get a break as mortgage rates march back toward 7%
"Both buyers and sellers have backed off from the market because mortgage rates are so high," Daryl Fairweather, chief economist at Redfin, told Yahoo Finance. "They've made homebuying more expensive. Homeowners who were able to lock in 3% mortgage rates a little over a year ago don't want to give up those rates and are not selling."

What Are Title Searches And Why Are They Important?
When it comes to property transactions, title searches play a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and secure process. But what exactly are title searches, and why are they important? In this article, we will explore the concept of title searches and their significance in property conveyancing.

Use of ChatGPT in Federal Litigation Holds Lessons for Lawyers and Non-Lawyers Everywhere
The lawyers in that case used the generative artificial intelligence (AI) program ChatGPT to perform their legal research for the court submission, but did not realize that ChatGPT had fabricated the citations and decisions. This case should serve as a cautionary tale for individuals seeking to use AI in connection with legal research, legal questions, or other legal issues, even outside of the litigation context.

ABC Capital investors sue Lutherville title company over unaccounted for funds
A Lutherville title company that helped facilitate sales of homes in distressed Baltimore neighborhoods for ABC Capital is being sued after investors claimed it accepted nearly $1 million for transactions that weren't completed.

Fannie Mae's Mission Creep
In March, Politico reported that Fannie Mae was considering a pilot program that would waive title insurance requirements for certain lenders, which constitutes a major departure from current policies. This pilot program would turn Fannie Mae into a de facto title insurer, with the GSE becoming responsible for handling claims if a title-related issue is discovered.

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