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First American DataTree Earns U.S. Patent for FlexSearch
press release, First American DataTree

First American DataTree®, the leading national provider of property data and document images, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued U.S. Patent #10,783,367 for FlexSearch™, an innovative property data search engine that instantly searches against any word, phrase, name or item in any recorded document nationwide. Based on a proprietary model of data acquisition and manufacturing, First American DataTree fully covers the U.S. housing stock and over 7 billion recorded document images. FlexSearch™ returns search results performed against billions of documents at once in just a few short seconds.

“Most property and information solutions are built upon databases with limited sets of select data fields from public record data, which means a significant amount of important information cannot be searched or accessed, leaving valuable data on the cutting room floor,” said Calvin Powell, vice president of technology at First American DataTree. “FlexSearch is built to provide valuable, often inaccessible information to every DataTree customer.”

Traditional real estate data providers offer a limited set of data fields that typically only include address, owner name, or APN search fields that have either been manually extracted from recorded documents or sourced from the county. The patented FlexSearch™ technology unlocks data allowing users full and complete access to the entire text contained in billions of public record documents nationwide, including notaries, attorney names, homeowner’s associations and multiple party names. Powerful custom query tools allow searches to be further narrowed by document name, county, state, etc. to allow for pinpoint accuracy. With the ability to search and identify common threads of data across multiple documents, FlexSearch helps to mitigate risk by uncovering undisclosed encumbrances and detecting suspicious transactions in hard-to-find recorded documents.

“FlexSearch is a testament to the commitment of our skilled experts to deliver best-in-class data through innovative solutions that save our customers time, money and resources,” said Robert Karraa, president at First American DataTree. “The unrivaled depth and breadth of First American data assets are now more accessible than ever.”

To learn more about FlexSearch, visit https://www.datatree.com/flexsearch.


About First American DataTree

First American DataTree LLC, is a national provider of property data and document images to mortgage and real estate-related businesses. With a repository of nearly 7 billion document images, First American DataTree delivers the data, property reports and document images that help bring clarity and insight to business decisions and is committed to be the most trusted source for nationwide real estate data. More information about the company can be found at www.datatree.com.

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