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Lydia Ruggiero's Blog

What is a title reader?
by Lydia Ruggiero | 2017/03/08

How many times do people ask what my job title is vs. how many times they follow-up with the question, "What is it that you exactly do?" Is basically equal. It is so rare that someone outside of the Title Insurance field understands my job as a Title Reader. So let me describe what it is that us title readers actually do for a living.

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Lydia Ruggiero's Blog :: 8 comments ::

Lydia Ruggiero's Blog



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I conduct all kinds financial and business loan funding transactions with individuals and companies ...
by Dave Philip
Thank you for the compliment. So interesting hearing about the differences of title nation...
by Lydia Ruggiero
Excellent overview.  In Northern California the term "examiner" has come into exclusive use. &n...
by William Pattison
that's what I meant, thanks anyway....
by Don (Chunshen) Li
I'm sorry, I don't know if I understand what you mean by that, do you mean do I do recordings? ...
by Lydia Ruggiero
I'm also curious.  Have you done "Record Documents" work as a part of title insurance process o...
by Don (Chunshen) Li
I have always been used to the term reader. In my opinion and experience, I refer to the examiner as...
by Lydia Ruggiero
Thanks for the informative blog.  Just curious, why do you prefer the term, title reader to tit...
by Don (Chunshen) Li

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