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[+] V4 Infotech Solutions / PNA Title Services - Thomas Hauer/MN (3 replies)
3/21/2017 10:37:23 AM (439 views)

[+] Comment on "Montana House Bill to Require Use of Title Plant" - Source of Title/OH (2 replies)
3/20/2017 10:29:23 PM (328 views)

[+] Source of Title - Smitty Strickland/SC (2 replies)
3/18/2017 3:30:30 PM (591 views)

[+] Stewart fka Data Quick - Jacquelyn Snow-Bernstein/MI (1 reply)
3/13/2017 11:01:57 AM (651 views)

[+] DRN Definite Solutions LLC - Rachel Homer/OR (4 replies)
3/7/2017 5:04:23 PM (804 views)

Punctual Abstract
AccuSearch Company

[+] Has anyone done work for or heard of C2C title services? - Phyllis Agan/GA (4 replies)
3/6/2017 6:39:19 PM (809 views)

[+] Oconner Title Services/Pat Scott - Amy Johnson/MS (4 replies)
3/6/2017 4:46:02 PM (563 views)

[+] FUGO Services - Smitty Strickland/SC (1 reply)
3/6/2017 2:33:00 PM (565 views)

[-] Western New York / Upstate New York Practices - Vincent Danzi/NY (5 replies)
3/6/2017 2:04:33 PM (429 views)
Re: Western New York / Upstate New York Practices - Steve Vinciguerra/NY
3/20/2017 9:04:12 AM (162 views)
Re: Western New York / Upstate New York Practices - Vincent Danzi/NY
3/20/2017 5:10:42 PM (164 views)

Thank you Steve for replying to my post.

If you don’t mind, I have a quick follow-up question about how many times an abstractor is engaged for a transaction in an “abstract county”: When the seller is responsible for that initial search, does the agent/company that provides the title insurance have to do any other title work on its own to issue the policy? In other words, are abstractors hired to do title work more than once on a transaction, such as (i) by the seller for the initial title search, and then (ii) by the title provider when doing a continuation search for the closing?

Thanks again,


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Re: Western New York / Upstate New York Practices - Steve Vinciguerra/NY
3/20/2017 10:04:33 PM (154 views)
Re: Western New York / Upstate New York Practices - Vincent Danzi/NY
3/21/2017 12:11:00 PM (120 views)
Re: Western New York / Upstate New York Practices - mason haas/NY
3/27/2017 1:50:00 PM (71 views)

Steuben County NY - Tim Arnold/NY
3/2/2017 10:08:21 AM (339 views)

[+] Global Data - Lucille Femine/TN (10 replies)
3/2/2017 9:52:50 AM (627 views)

[+] Scanner/Printer Reviews - William Bertram/SC (6 replies)
3/1/2017 2:50:39 PM (594 views)

[+] Sathram Corporation - Amy Johnson/MS (4 replies)
2/27/2017 3:29:15 PM (442 views)

[+] cfacts out of business - Alix Ott/MI (5 replies)
2/27/2017 12:49:21 PM (590 views)

[+] Precision Abstract & Title Services - Crystal Hernandez/OH (2 replies)
2/27/2017 11:37:14 AM (658 views)

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