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[-] In-House? Outsourced? Out of Luck. - F P/VA (12 replies)
8/19/2018 1:22:41 AM (1366 views)

So I've been looking for a job, and it's been frustrating. We all know over the last few years vendor management companies have outsourced their title work to India. This caused freelancers who worked with them to have less work, but still receive work from other industry servicers.  But this year with rising interest rates, borrowers are just not borrowing and home sales are moving sideways, causing all related servicing companies to slow down even more. I see that not only vendor management companies, but also title agencies, law firms and land services companies are forgoing the use of freelancers and outsourcers, and instead hiring in-house abstractors.  So I thought, I'll just go back in-house. Ha. Not happening.  Several job offers state the "abstractor" job consists of doing the search, preparing the report, reviewing, title clearing, policy typing and closings, in their office (no working from home) all for $12.00 an hour, which is $24,960 a year, which is $8,000 a year less then I made in 1992 as an in-house abstractor that did not do title review, title clearing, policy typing or closings. What?!?   I must be missing something. I know times are tough but I'm a little surprised that the in-house salary for this job plus added responsibilities is less now then in 1992.  Don't get me wrong, I would do all the extra work, but I expect to be paid accordingly. I just don't get it.

Now I know some of you are all "I've got plenty of work". And if you do I'm happy for you and I hope you stay busy. Sincerely.  But look at the directory of this site.  Look at how many have bad info.  I know most of them (with bad info) are out of business, although a few changed their company name and left the old name on there, most have moved on to other jobs. The last time I ranted about work some abstractors told me they were soo busy.  But as I job hunt, I see their resumes on LinkedIn, showing their new job because they left the business (because they were soo busy?)  As abstractors leave for other jobs, those of us left behind might get some of their work, but is it enough to stay in business?   There's too many companies still looking to hire in-house abstractors/examiners.  So once again I've sat up late at night at my desk, eating too many peanut butter M&M's, looking at jobs websites and uselessly ranting on SOT.  Ugh, put down the M&M's and no one gets hurt ; )

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