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[+] Fake AccuFast Email - Bruce Lutz/PA (4 replies)
9/28/2018 1:22:58 PM (1258 views)

Integrity Title now 364 Title - David Bloys/TX
9/27/2018 5:02:27 PM (1305 views)

[-] FUGO SERVICES - matthew clark/AL (10 replies)
9/25/2018 4:58:32 PM (1916 views)
Re: FUGO SERVICES - mollie cardell/SC
9/26/2018 12:25:04 PM (1369 views)
Re: FUGO SERVICES - matthew clark/AL
9/26/2018 12:30:09 PM (1310 views)
10/1/2018 5:45:27 PM (1179 views)
Re: FUGO SERVICES - Naomi Backes/NC
10/3/2018 12:49:39 AM (1096 views)

I always am cautious before working for companies and I felt no different with them.  I fact-gathered, talked to a few people and then took my chances.  Som and the other guys, Michael (shout out to Michael wherever you are) are fantastic vendor managers who always strive to make sure I get a shot at work before he passes it on to someone else.  Unlike some copies who literally refuse to pick up the phone and e-mail everything, Som communicates.  He will call and make sure you want work; he will offer bulk jobs if they come up,, and he is definitely a mover and shaker.  While I help him with vendor solutions, I know if I can't make it to a county and need to farm a search out or a doc retrieval, Som is my man for the job.  He will know of someone who knows of someone who can get it done quickly.  The guys are gracious, kind, and the pay is on time, every time.  I get a message at the end of the month making sure I turn in all my invoices and tally them up.  I have always been paid for a search, sometimes more than I billed out, generously and on time.  They are a pleasure and a joy to work with and I HIGHLY recommend them. 

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Re: FUGO SERVICES - george Hubka/MI
10/5/2018 8:41:10 PM (990 views)
Re: FUGO SERVICES - Ted Williamson/TX
10/15/2018 8:56:26 AM (917 views)
Re: FUGO SERVICES - Juanita Hovanec/CO
10/15/2018 9:48:32 AM (1021 views)
Re: FUGO SERVICES - matthew clark/AL
10/16/2018 10:58:54 AM (944 views)
Re: FUGO SERVICES - Sherry Greene/MI
10/22/2018 8:10:40 AM (769 views)
11/1/2018 8:25:25 AM (801 views)

[+] Indus Abstract Services - Smitty Strickland/SC (3 replies)
9/25/2018 2:05:28 PM (1398 views)

[+] ISGN - F P/VA (8 replies)
9/21/2018 9:33:05 AM (1832 views)

Real Title Services
AccuSearch Company

[+] Vdorite Services, LLC - Smitty Strickland/SC (3 replies)
9/19/2018 4:58:07 PM (1505 views)

Anyone heard of Aster Logic Global Services? - Tamara Howard/FL
9/18/2018 5:02:30 PM (1178 views)

[+] Updates/Bringdowns - Ted Williamson/TX (13 replies)
9/18/2018 2:00:22 PM (1665 views)

[+] Open for business - Smitty Strickland/SC (4 replies)
9/17/2018 2:26:47 PM (1338 views)

[+] NTC - matthew clark/AL (8 replies)
9/13/2018 3:23:58 PM (1764 views)

[+] Title Group LLC - Amy Johnson/MS (1 reply)
9/13/2018 12:14:01 PM (1371 views)

[+] Certified Abstractor? - F P/VA (1 reply)
9/10/2018 3:07:39 PM (1521 views)

[+] Punctual Abstract - Sherry Greene/MI (9 replies)
9/8/2018 4:31:32 PM (2070 views)

[+] SLK GLOBAL - Michael Rosing/IL (6 replies)
9/7/2018 10:59:54 AM (1622 views)

9/7/2018 9:52:10 AM (909 views)

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