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Express Services / Derrick Whitaker - Jaime Melvin/NC
10/12/2018 7:22:44 PM (986 views)

[+] Any word on this company - Karen Knuth/NY (2 replies)
10/10/2018 11:40:23 AM (1946 views)

[+] We can't be Walmart anymore... - Alix Ott/MI (27 replies)
10/9/2018 12:51:44 PM (2237 views)

[+] Poise Infosystems - Jim A/WV (3 replies)
10/8/2018 7:20:47 PM (1296 views)

[-] USlandrecords vs. "Co-file" - stephen willard/OH (22 replies)
10/5/2018 8:42:57 AM (1991 views)
Re: USlandrecords vs. "Co-file" - Robert Franco/OH
10/5/2018 2:23:07 PM (1102 views)
Re: USlandrecords vs. "Co-file" - stephen willard/OH
10/5/2018 2:34:39 PM (1105 views)
Re: USlandrecords vs. "Co-file" - Alix Ott/MI
10/8/2018 8:32:06 AM (1023 views)

Stephen, do you mean Kofiles?  I'm assuming yes so will continue on with my reply.

I use Kofiles (formerly known as RecordFusion) for MANY counties in Michigan and until recently, it was by far my favorite indexing program.  After RecordFusion sold out to them, there have been some issues with how my account is accessed but that has nothing to do with the functionality which continues to work very well indeed.  (One MAJOR issue has to do with Java, but I won't get into that here.  Kofiles cringes when I contact them because if there's a problem with their system, I'm going to find it since I do so many different counties who all set their system up just a little differently.)  Change is hard, I know.  (And I'll tell you here that I've tried to use USLandRecords in other states once or twice and absolutely HATE IT -- it's what you know.)

Since I never ever print-out the index, not having the effective date on it seems moot.  Maybe you'll find you don't need the index with kofiles!  The effective date is always in the lefthand corner once you get into the search function.

I rarely work out of an actual courthouse anymore that makes me print locally.  I usually go home and "print" to a pdf file instead.  It certainly makes for better copies and having the copies up on one screen while doing your write-up on the other makes everything so much easier.  You might want to try that yourself.  (We use CutePDF as our pdf manipulator.)

As for a "filter duplicate", that would be a nice feature.  Eagle (now run by Tyler Technologies) does that and I also work with that system and am quite fond of it.  BUT you do not have to print a document at a time.  Just send it to the print queue and then scan thru the queue for duplicates.  Easy peasy.  You can also check the queue while searching to check to see if you've already added a particular document and then go right back to where you were.

Not listing the legal description for the record is in the hands of your  ROD and how they set it up.  All of my Michigan counties have at least a partial legal showing AND I can search by tract with Kofiles.  All counties by lot number in a subdivision, and in a few counties, I can search by section township range down to quarter quarter section.  Again, that's in the hands of the ROD and how they set it up and index it as the documents are recorded.

I'm not sure what you mean about cannot research names in a dated order.  All you have to do is hit the "recorded" column and it will go oldest to newest.  Or hit it again and it'll sort newest to oldest.  You can also sort by document type which really comes in handy.

I totally don't understand why you'd want to search more than one name at a time.  Maybe I'm not understanding that part of what you're saying.  I never put in more than one name at a time -- not even husband/wife.  I personally want a clear view of ONLY docs related to a particular name.  Running husband/wife separately is a good double-check for me in many ways.

I hope you give Kofiles a chance.  I think you'll find it's not as unfriendly as you first think.  It really is a question of what you're used to.  Because I run so many counties -- and while I do not run title in other states, I do CHECK things in other states when needed -- I've used a lot of different programs.  Kofiles is far, far better than most out there (and yes, I mean you, Laredo -- hate that system -- but I know others who love it).  

If I can help you in any way, please let me know.  I'll even TeamViewer into your system and show you "stuff" with kofiles if you'd like.


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Re: USlandrecords vs. "Co-file" - stephen willard/OH
10/8/2018 9:17:47 AM (955 views)
Re: USlandrecords vs. "Co-file" - Alix Ott/MI
10/8/2018 9:31:15 AM (950 views)
Re: USlandrecords vs. "Co-file" - stephen willard/OH
10/8/2018 9:49:01 AM (911 views)
Re: USlandrecords vs. "Co-file" - Alix Ott/MI
10/8/2018 10:00:53 AM (902 views)
Re: USlandrecords vs. "Co-file" - stephen willard/OH
10/8/2018 10:08:58 AM (885 views)
Re: USlandrecords vs. "Co-file" - Alix Ott/MI
10/8/2018 10:19:23 AM (898 views)
Re: USlandrecords vs. "Co-file" - stephen willard/OH
10/8/2018 10:28:05 AM (862 views)
Re: USlandrecords vs. "Co-file" - Alix Ott/MI
10/8/2018 10:42:00 AM (880 views)
Re: USlandrecords vs. "Co-file" - stephen willard/OH
10/8/2018 10:43:47 AM (850 views)
Re: USlandrecords vs. "Co-file" - Alix Ott/MI
10/8/2018 1:58:16 PM (877 views)
Re: USlandrecords vs. "Co-file" - stephen willard/OH
10/9/2018 8:40:10 AM (837 views)
Re: USlandrecords vs. "Co-file" - MICHELLE TURNER/OH
1/3/2019 2:19:36 PM (481 views)
Re: USlandrecords vs. "Co-file" - James Powell/MI
10/9/2018 8:37:04 AM (968 views)
Re: USlandrecords vs. "Co-file" - Alix Ott/MI
10/9/2018 8:44:24 AM (868 views)
Re: USlandrecords vs. "Co-file" - stephen willard/OH
10/9/2018 8:46:35 AM (985 views)
Re: USlandrecords vs. "Co-file" - Tom Schmick/OH
10/24/2018 7:05:02 PM (752 views)
Re: USlandrecords vs. "Co-file" - stephen willard/OH
10/25/2018 7:16:51 AM (776 views)
Re: USlandrecords vs. "Co-file" - Marian Cones/TX
10/9/2018 2:31:10 PM (920 views)
Re: USlandrecords vs. "Co-file" - stephen willard/OH
10/9/2018 5:04:21 PM (885 views)

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