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At Close Title & Settlement-BEWARE - Jason Knowles/AL
11/7/2018 2:13:08 PM (923 views)

[+] E & O Insurance - Judy Nisonger/CA (4 replies)
11/7/2018 1:00:30 PM (1323 views)

[+] Frank Divittorio w/Chahardy-Non Payer - Leah Brown/LA (6 replies)
11/2/2018 2:07:01 PM (1174 views)

[+] Looking for a photo-stitching application - Ted Williamson/TX (3 replies)
10/31/2018 3:50:55 PM (959 views)

[+] Blockchain - F P/VA (7 replies)
10/31/2018 11:54:09 AM (2093 views)

Real Title Services
AccuSearch Company

Optima-non payer - Jason Knowles/AL
10/30/2018 2:47:50 PM (803 views)

[+] Lendserv - Jason Knowles/AL (3 replies)
10/30/2018 2:44:38 PM (1183 views)

[+] BoA - kim rase/CO (2 replies)
10/27/2018 4:16:11 PM (1160 views)

[-] Comment on "South Carolina Man Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison For Using Forged Deeds to Steal Homes" - Source of Title/OH (2 replies)
10/27/2018 3:50:19 PM (1059 views)
fraud in colorado - kim rase/CO
10/27/2018 3:50:19 PM (1564 views)

I take my hat off for the U.S Attornery Liu and all the others who had put this person behind bars. At this very moment i am facing eviction which had started out with a realestate broker who  had a Power of Attorney which she had made herself the Attorney-in-Fact for my husband. She was caught received a tap on the wrist . She had took ou a 137.000 loan and put our home up as collatteral ,didnt make any payments (this was before she got caught) and we went into foreclouser. Bank of America is who she had the loan with, called their fraud unit line they said they would put us on a list. No help there. We had told BoA to let us know how much and if we could possibly pay. They were Rude and said since we were not on the loan we cant do anything. Its not our loan, but they are taking our home. So she gets the tap on the hand then she files bankruptcy and give our home to BoA.  We hired a lawyer, paid him 20,000 and at the end they recorded and put down it was a spuorious document, our lawyer tells the judge if he could give half the property to us and the other to BoA. My husband and I dont know anything about realestate and were not lawyers. So we got took by our lawyer. He had told us that BoA would get ahold of us to see what we wanted to do. This all happend starting in 2006. 2017 comes along we get served with foreclouser papers, i have my realtor friend help dont know what she did but were still here. We got served agan in 06/2017 again and their is my sons friend who knows about realestate so hes writing out motions filing them. My husband had so much stress from this that he passed away in january 2018 in our home. We were married for 34 years. Right now BoA has been bulling me. Ive had the friend of my sons helping me again. He is really good except he can not stand up to BoA since hes not a lawyer. I have trial Nov 1st. The judge is as crooked as the bank. Ihave lost my husband this year, the main source of my life, now the bank wants to take my home even though they know that it stemmed from a forged document. That has already been recorded. The bank helps the judge, the judge helps the bank. Im just a widow whos been scammed , im all alone, ive got 2 big dogs and 36 years of my life here. Their throwing me out. Unbelieveable!! There is no help for me here in denver, ive been to attorney general which they tell me they dont work as lawyers for regular people like me. Ive talked to senators well one didnt call me back, the other said he doesnt do that kind of stuff. Iasked him like helping citizens? Iam in need of a attorney as soon as possible. Every inch of paperwork is all laid out. It is a cut and dry case. Sorry for the ramble if we had the authorities to help the public like U.S  Attorney Liu i wouldnt be in the rotten position im in.  If anyone can help please email me.   thank you

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This seldom happened until . . . - David Bloys/TX
10/28/2018 4:51:10 PM (1537 views)

[+] Timely Documents Inc - Prem Kumar/NV (10 replies)
10/26/2018 3:21:25 PM (1808 views)

[+] kofile searches - Tom Schmick/OH (3 replies)
10/22/2018 12:32:01 PM (1341 views)

2018 NAILTA/NALTEA Conference - Robert Franco/OH
10/21/2018 5:37:07 PM (1241 views)

[+] Judgement Lien - Abrar Khan/TX (5 replies)
10/16/2018 5:09:56 PM (1689 views)

[+] CALREPORTING 818 AREA CODE - Scott & Sandra Forbes/CA (6 replies)
10/15/2018 3:29:15 PM (1213 views)

Express Services / Derrick Whitaker - Jaime Melvin/NC
10/12/2018 7:22:44 PM (1019 views)

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