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Santi Group LLC - Jay Duncan/MO
6/14/2019 2:54:16 PM (903 views)

6/13/2019 5:09:44 PM (760 views)

[+] FUGO - Diane Sherrill/SC (4 replies)
6/12/2019 11:32:33 PM (1199 views)

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6/12/2019 4:35:11 PM (1110 views)

[+] Court Street USA - Carol Clark/NY (13 replies)
6/10/2019 7:22:42 PM (1593 views)

AccuSearch Company
Real Title Services

[+] Blue Streak - denise davenport/NY (4 replies)
6/9/2019 4:03:17 PM (1500 views)

[+] real Estate - Sara Tressler/PA (1 reply)
6/6/2019 6:21:01 PM (908 views)

[-] Real Title Services - HOPE DEZERN/SC (12 replies)
6/6/2019 3:15:49 PM (1443 views)
Re: Real Title Services - David King/VA
6/6/2019 3:22:55 PM (1156 views)
Re: Real Title Services - HOPE DEZERN/SC
6/6/2019 3:32:44 PM (1106 views)
Re: Real Title Services - Angela Sharp/CA
6/19/2019 10:09:08 PM (835 views)
Re: Real Title Services - Thomas Conrad/PA
6/8/2019 10:40:44 AM (1083 views)
Re: Real Title Services - Angela Sharp/CA
6/10/2019 4:17:29 PM (1009 views)


Hi Thomas,

My name is Angela, and I am the Senior Account Manager at RTS.  I read your comment.  What a bummer that you feel that way, but I get it.  I did check the last year’s worth of jobs that we have paid you for (about 38 jobs in PA), and I didn’t see any payments that took 3 months from the date of invoice for a check to be cut.  Some of our bigger clients pay us at 60 and even 90 days, and we often end-up paying vendors before we are paid for the jobs; but we personally feel like it’s better to accept those payment terms than to turn down the work.  But there can be a lag to our vendors sometimes, and I get that that is not preferred, and we certainly do understand if a vendor prefers faster payment.

One thing I will take issue with is when you say, “its only because I hav e t continue to harass them for payment” that we pay you.  That’s not accurate.  We have been in business since 2008, and to-date, we have never failed to pay any vendor for any job.  We have an 11-year history of always paying.  So we paid you because we always pay.  I’m sorry if it wasn’t fast enough for you, and we certainly respect your right to request re-assignment of any order we send you.  I believe the most recent check that we sent you, about a week ago (prior to your post here), paid you in-full for every job you have done for us.  I would hope the fact that we have paid you for all jobs done to-date would engender some good will. :)





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Re: Real Title Services - george Hubka/MI
6/10/2019 10:44:53 PM (1020 views)
Re: Real Title Services - Naomi Backes/NC
6/11/2019 9:43:52 PM (945 views)
Re: Real Title Services - Angela Sharp/CA
6/19/2019 9:59:54 PM (742 views)
Re: Real Title Services - Karen Knuth/NY
6/17/2019 10:04:11 AM (822 views)
Re: Real Title Services - Angela Sharp/CA
6/19/2019 10:03:39 PM (780 views)
Re: Real Title Services - Norean Pate/GA
6/21/2019 3:37:00 PM (771 views)
Re: Real Title Services - Angela Sharp/CA
6/24/2019 11:53:21 AM (720 views)

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6/3/2019 4:23:12 PM (797 views)

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6/1/2019 4:46:53 PM (1479 views)

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5/29/2019 12:22:31 PM (998 views)

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5/27/2019 3:58:11 PM (937 views)

5/21/2019 7:03:17 PM (1274 views)

[+] Lifeline Abstracts - latichia lee/DC (19 replies)
5/20/2019 10:19:05 AM (1806 views)

[+] E&O possible rate increase - Sheila Sten/PA (16 replies)
5/20/2019 8:17:58 AM (1167 views)

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