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[+] Sanrit - Kurt deVries/FL (6 replies)
4/9/2021 10:27:59 AM (897 views)

[+] - Paige Bentley/TX (13 replies)
4/8/2021 5:18:08 PM (1444 views)

[+] Ground Abstractor Price Increases - William Duncan/SC (9 replies)
4/8/2021 3:22:26 PM (1642 views)

Thank you from ABN Legal Solutions - William Duncan/SC
4/4/2021 1:42:00 PM (877 views)

PRO Act Bill - Jennifer Lawrence/AR
3/31/2021 7:37:46 PM (807 views)

AccuSearch Company

[+] Visionet, non-payment - Jay Duncan/MO (7 replies)
3/31/2021 2:17:49 PM (1317 views)

[+] So, think I should risk it? - Alix Ott/MI (1 reply)
3/31/2021 2:12:10 PM (1161 views)

[+] Remote Online Notary Vendors - Jeanine Johnson/MN (3 replies)
3/31/2021 11:24:43 AM (775 views)

Abstract Software - Tony Costa/LA
3/29/2021 9:45:32 AM (719 views)

SiteSolutionsService: ...really!?... - William Duncan/SC
3/26/2021 10:46:12 AM (660 views)

There: FIXED! - William Duncan/SC
3/25/2021 9:33:06 AM (817 views)

[+] Abstractor Pro software - Kurt deVries/FL (9 replies)
3/23/2021 2:55:25 PM (1407 views)

[+] ...Really...? - William Duncan/SC (6 replies)
3/22/2021 4:01:06 PM (1035 views)

[+] "Title theft" myth persists - Alix Ott/MI (8 replies)
3/17/2021 6:53:36 AM (1223 views)

[-] Abstractor Watchdog - DEBRA ALLEN/KS (10 replies)
3/16/2021 11:46:52 AM (1670 views)
Re: Abstractor Watchdog - Alix Ott/MI
3/17/2021 6:44:14 AM (1480 views)

I always check here first!  :-)  I don't know of another service out there to report deadbeat clients.  (Personally, I send out "Deadbeat Client Alerts" to all of my [wonderful, marvelous, talented, VERY hard working] subcontractors when I put the brakes on a client because I know that client will then go looking for someone else -- and likely find my own subcontractor along the way.  I urge all vendor managers to do likewise.  Don't let your people be hurt if you can help it.)

Also, I am now so careful about who I take on that I have had only one client with a money issue in recent history (and that's an Indian client who I believe is actually honest but does not understand what they need to do about a check to us that was not CASHED by us and we've had to stop working for them).

If there's anything I can do to help you, let me know.  We have a routine that lets us dig into a company and find the people ultimately responsible.  Anyone: feel free to contact us at  

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Re: Abstractor Watchdog - John Baker/OH
4/8/2021 9:09:46 AM (1102 views)
Re: Abstractor Watchdog - Sheila Sten/PA
5/4/2021 1:16:06 AM (937 views)
Re: Abstractor Watchdog - John Baker/OH
5/4/2021 9:39:09 AM (952 views)
Re: Abstractor Watchdog - Sheila Sten/PA
5/4/2021 6:23:31 PM (952 views)
Re: Abstractor Watchdog - Joyce Froelich/NM
5/10/2021 8:23:52 AM (949 views)
Re: Abstractor Watchdog - John Baker/OH
5/10/2021 9:23:41 AM (975 views)
Re: Abstractor Watchdog - Sheila Sten/PA
5/17/2021 12:57:19 PM (872 views)
Re: Abstractor Watchdog - John Baker/OH
5/17/2021 1:15:42 PM (891 views)
Re: Abstractor Watchdog - Sheila Sten/PA
5/17/2021 1:22:09 PM (882 views)

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