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[+] VKM Title - Jonathan Mintz/TN (12 replies)
4/20/2021 8:33:51 PM (1355 views)

[+] GROUND RENT CHAIN WITH LEASE - Saundra  Scott/MD (2 replies)
4/16/2021 4:54:40 PM (736 views)

YDeal Title Services, LLC - Update - Angela Sharp/CA
4/14/2021 7:51:20 PM (717 views)

[+] RDS Click-Link Ad - William Duncan/SC (1 reply)
4/13/2021 9:03:58 AM (769 views)

[+] Orchestrate.com and others - Jay Duncan/MO (3 replies)
4/9/2021 2:37:10 PM (912 views)

AccuSearch Company
Real Document Solutions

[+] Sanrit - Kurt deVries/FL (6 replies)
4/9/2021 10:27:59 AM (773 views)

[-] avanzegroup.com? - Paige Bentley/TX (13 replies)
4/8/2021 5:18:08 PM (1282 views)
Re: avanzegroup.com? - Jay Duncan/MO
4/9/2021 9:11:12 AM (1255 views)
Re: avanzegroup.com? - Kurt deVries/FL
4/9/2021 10:24:17 AM (1198 views)
Re: avanzegroup.com? TYSM for the reply!! (Can't post in message, IDK why) - Paige Bentley/TX
4/9/2021 9:14:23 PM (1202 views)
Re: avanzegroup.com? - Frank Laisch/FL
4/12/2021 11:03:42 AM (1110 views)
Re: avanzegroup.com? - Rene Blevins/VA
4/12/2021 11:35:05 AM (1138 views)
Re: avanzegroup.com? - Frank Laisch/FL
4/12/2021 11:50:21 AM (1149 views)
Re: avanzegroup.com? - Jay Duncan/MO
4/12/2021 12:28:45 PM (1133 views)


  it wasn't that payment was late...it was payment not being made. 

  Had to cut Avanzegroup off for non-payment for the very first payment.  We then gave Avanzegroup the benefit of the doubt and proceeded to complete orders.  We understand things happen when dealing with a new client/vendor relationships.  But, when it happened again and payment was not received for several months, this was not an isolated problem.

  We offered to set up an escrow account for you deposit into and work off they but Avanzegroup declined. 

  We wish you well but being burned twice is enough for us.

  We are abstractors and love what we do but chasing down payment is getting old.

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Re: avanzegroup.com? - george Hubka/MI
4/12/2021 9:53:31 PM (1141 views)
Re: avanzegroup.com? - Serena Stout/VA
4/27/2021 6:21:45 PM (1150 views)
Re: avanzegroup.com? - Frank Laisch/FL
5/3/2021 3:01:24 PM (979 views)
Re: avanzegroup.com? - george Hubka/MI
4/26/2022 8:56:06 PM (123 views)
Re: avanzegroup.com? - Frank Laisch/FL
4/27/2022 12:59:07 PM (123 views)
Re: avanzegroup.com? - Ted Williamson/TX
10/12/2021 2:02:23 PM (474 views)

[+] Ground Abstractor Price Increases - William Duncan/SC (9 replies)
4/8/2021 3:22:26 PM (1498 views)

Thank you from ABN Legal Solutions - William Duncan/SC
4/4/2021 1:42:00 PM (771 views)

PRO Act Bill - Jennifer Lawrence/AR
3/31/2021 7:37:46 PM (721 views)

[+] Visionet, non-payment - Jay Duncan/MO (7 replies)
3/31/2021 2:17:49 PM (1214 views)

[+] So, think I should risk it? - Alix Ott/MI (1 reply)
3/31/2021 2:12:10 PM (1034 views)

[+] Remote Online Notary Vendors - Jeanine Johnson/MN (3 replies)
3/31/2021 11:24:43 AM (673 views)

Abstract Software - Tony Costa/LA
3/29/2021 9:45:32 AM (649 views)

SiteSolutionsService: ...really!?... - William Duncan/SC
3/26/2021 10:46:12 AM (591 views)

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