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[-] Comment on "Minorities and Student Debt Holders Purchased Lower-Priced Homes, Leading to Lost Wealth Accumulation Over Time" - Source of Title/OH (9 replies)
5/3/2021 1:06:13 PM (950 views)
Debt to Income Ratios? - Victoria Moate/NJ
5/3/2021 1:06:13 PM (1549 views)
Re: Debt to Income Ratios? - Constance Foye/VA
5/10/2021 10:27:17 PM (1482 views)
Re: Debt to Income Ratios? - Judy Maclauchlan/LA
5/17/2021 9:00:51 AM (1374 views)
Re: Debt to Income Ratios? - Robert Franco/OH
5/17/2021 9:27:10 AM (1372 views)
Re: Debt to Income Ratios? - george Hubka/MI
5/18/2021 9:05:23 PM (1356 views)
Re: Debt to Income Ratios? - Robert Franco/OH
5/19/2021 8:53:47 AM (1363 views)
Re: Debt to Income Ratios? - george Hubka/MI
5/19/2021 2:01:56 PM (1383 views)
Re: Debt to Income Ratios? - Robert Franco/OH
5/20/2021 8:12:47 AM (1393 views)

I worked full-time, too.  Not only did I own a title agency and abstracting business, I started Source of Title while I was finishing my undergrad degree (I attained my three degrees a little later in life than most), and I worked very hard at both while I went to law school in the evenings.  I was able to pay for my undergrad degree, but law school was a bit more expensive.

I agree, that more people should be able to hold down a job and pay for their education.  Unfortunately, that just isn't an option for most people these days.  Real wages have declined decade after decade and the cost of education has increased a rate far exceeding inflation. 

My point is that it needs to accessible to more people, without the burden that excessive debt places on people after they graduate. 

Robert A. Franco



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Re: Debt to Income Ratios? - george Hubka/MI
5/19/2021 2:10:52 PM (1386 views)

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4/29/2021 1:42:28 PM (1010 views)

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4/20/2021 8:33:51 PM (1443 views)

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4/16/2021 4:54:40 PM (806 views)

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4/14/2021 7:51:20 PM (763 views)

AccuSearch Company
Real Document Solutions

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4/13/2021 9:03:58 AM (835 views)

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4/9/2021 2:37:10 PM (982 views)

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4/9/2021 10:27:59 AM (827 views)

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4/8/2021 5:18:08 PM (1340 views)

[+] Ground Abstractor Price Increases - William Duncan/SC (9 replies)
4/8/2021 3:22:26 PM (1564 views)

Thank you from ABN Legal Solutions - William Duncan/SC
4/4/2021 1:42:00 PM (837 views)

PRO Act Bill - Jennifer Lawrence/AR
3/31/2021 7:37:46 PM (766 views)

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3/31/2021 2:17:49 PM (1261 views)

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3/31/2021 2:12:10 PM (1088 views)

[+] Remote Online Notary Vendors - Jeanine Johnson/MN (3 replies)
3/31/2021 11:24:43 AM (719 views)

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