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[+] BEWARE: Lifeline Abstract - AR - BRAD ABRAHAMSON/MN (2 replies)
5/18/2022 2:43:50 PM (925 views)

[+] Sourcepoint Mortgage - Jill Kissell/IA (1 reply)
5/17/2022 5:02:14 PM (766 views)

[+] QUICKIE TITLE - Jason Knowles/AL (1 reply)
5/17/2022 2:57:59 PM (809 views)

[+] Tyler Technologies Land Records - Justin Shepard/VA (6 replies)
5/16/2022 6:31:16 PM (840 views)

[+] Online Searches in New York State of all counties - Abhinav Kumar G/TX (7 replies)
5/10/2022 2:18:52 PM (958 views)

AccuSearch Company

4/27/2022 10:25:10 AM (611 views)

[+] MTI Title Solutions - Elizabeth Helman/PA (6 replies)
4/26/2022 12:09:06 PM (856 views)

[+] Slowdown - Lucille Femine/TN (4 replies)
4/25/2022 5:03:55 PM (2338 views)

[+] Lifeline Abstracts - JOSEPH EMERSON/MN (4 replies)
4/20/2022 10:04:54 AM (1062 views)

[+] CTC - Shawna Carr/AR (3 replies)
4/16/2022 6:19:47 PM (748 views)

[+] Asset Research Group, LLC, Sarah Stewart, NON-PAYER, BEWARE - Angela Sharp/CA (7 replies)
3/29/2022 4:44:01 PM (833 views)

[-] Ydeal Title Services LLC - NON PAYERS BEWARE - Angela Sharp/CA (7 replies)
3/29/2022 1:56:56 PM (641 views)
Re: Ydeal Title Services LLC - NON PAYERS BEWARE - Jason Knowles/AL
3/30/2022 3:51:22 PM (950 views)
Re: Ydeal Title Services LLC - NON PAYERS BEWARE - george Hubka/MI
4/11/2022 6:28:22 PM (728 views)
Re: Ydeal Title Services LLC - NON PAYERS BEWARE - george Hubka/MI
4/11/2022 4:45:26 PM (698 views)
Re: Ydeal Title Services LLC - NON PAYERS BEWARE - Angela Sharp/CA
4/11/2022 6:07:05 PM (733 views)

George, do you have a problem with business owners like myself warning others about non-payment?   You seem more critical of us, than of the non-payers.  What is the point of comments that could discourage others from posting about non-payers, lest you "blame the victim" again?

As mentioned on my other post: 

They did not "string us along."  We did some work for them, and then they didn't pay.

We have a billing agreement signed by them with "set rules clearly outlined," and we were "hard ash about holding to them."  Unfortunately, they broke those rules.  Therefore, we are warning our peers for the protection of the community, which hopefully is appreciated.

Out of all the work we did in 2021, 99.9% of our awesome clients paid in full, so I think our business practices are sound.

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Re: Ydeal Title Services LLC - NON PAYERS BEWARE - george Hubka/MI
4/11/2022 6:34:27 PM (703 views)
Re: Ydeal Title Services LLC - NON PAYERS BEWARE - Judy Maclauchlan/LA
4/14/2022 10:37:44 AM (759 views)
Re: Ydeal Title Services LLC - NON PAYERS BEWARE - Anthony BROWNN/VA
6/7/2022 6:20:11 PM (415 views)

[+] Comexpinc - Thomas Germain/CT (1 reply)
3/25/2022 1:00:21 PM (604 views)

[+] Wholesale Title Solutions LLC - Karen Knuth/FL (2 replies)
3/21/2022 3:02:16 PM (863 views)

[+] SoCal - Jolene Crofoot/MN (3 replies)
3/21/2022 12:50:29 PM (610 views)

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