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Sourcepoint Mortgage - Jill Kissell/IA
5/17/2022 5:02:14 PM (2 views)

QUICKIE TITLE - Jason Knowles/AL
5/17/2022 2:57:59 PM (9 views)

Tyler Technologies Land Records - Justin Shepard/VA
5/16/2022 6:31:16 PM (38 views)

[+] Online Searches in New York State of all counties - Abhinav Kumar G/TX (7 replies)
5/10/2022 2:18:52 PM (245 views)

4/27/2022 10:25:10 AM (269 views)

Real Document Solutions
AccuSearch Company

[+] MTI Title Solutions - Elizabeth Helman/PA (4 replies)
4/26/2022 12:09:06 PM (314 views)

[+] Slowdown - Lucille Femine/TN (4 replies)
4/25/2022 5:03:55 PM (909 views)

[-] Lifeline Abstracts - JOSEPH EMERSON/MN (4 replies)
4/20/2022 10:04:54 AM (565 views)
Re: Lifeline Abstracts - Jason Bryant/NE
4/25/2022 9:38:36 AM (335 views)
Re: Lifeline Abstracts - george Hubka/MI
4/26/2022 8:30:23 PM (243 views)
Re: Lifeline Abstracts - Jason Bryant/NE
5/10/2022 12:31:12 PM (112 views)
Re: Lifeline Abstracts - george Hubka/MI
5/13/2022 5:28:05 PM (62 views)
Jason,  Just wondering what is meant by "get arrangements made"?   A payment plan they promise to dribble the money out to you, a good check that clears the amount owed to you, or some other promise that you hope they keep?  I would suggest that anything but FULL PAYMENT to you still leaves you with exposure and might be a ploy to the their work coming again.  Best you loose a customer than doing their work and never getting paid.   Always wonder how you can expect them to make timely payments to you for current jobs while they are not able to fully clear the balance they owed you from previous work.  Maybe others on here whom they owe would like to know what kind of arrangements they could hope to arrange with this problem firm.to post a reply: login - or - register

[+] CTC - Shawna Carr/AR (3 replies)
4/16/2022 6:19:47 PM (427 views)

[+] Asset Research Group, LLC, Sarah Stewart, NON-PAYER, BEWARE - Angela Sharp/CA (7 replies)
3/29/2022 4:44:01 PM (471 views)

[+] Ydeal Title Services LLC - NON PAYERS BEWARE - Angela Sharp/CA (6 replies)
3/29/2022 1:56:56 PM (336 views)

Comexpinc - Thomas Germain/CT
3/25/2022 1:00:21 PM (333 views)

[+] Wholesale Title Solutions LLC - Karen Knuth/FL (2 replies)
3/21/2022 3:02:16 PM (555 views)

[+] SoCal - Jolene Crofoot/MN (3 replies)
3/21/2022 12:50:29 PM (404 views)

[+] Easydocs123 - Susan Dustin/WV (11 replies)
3/21/2022 8:15:01 AM (799 views)

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