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10/7/2022 4:42:07 PM (1552 views)

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Re: Quotes, Estimates and ETA's - Customer  Service/OH
10/3/2022 3:04:51 PM (1083 views)

It's awful.  We are getting quote requests from all of our clients now...even the ones we've had relationships for decades and used to never ask for quotes.  (Apologies to my researchers all around!)  Of course, we get the cruddy counties in which the client cannot do online or cannot find anyone.  There are days I just don't feel like, or I just don't have the time, asking for quotes from my researchers and tell the client our current owner fees are $X and if it turns into a full search, the fee is $Y.  This is primarily only for the counties we work in on a regular basis. 

However, with the market shock in play, and many, many of my abstractors shutting their doors in the last year...AND clients sending quote requests in counties I don't remember ever existing in my 22 years here, I need to reach out to my people to see if they are:

1.  In business

2.  Still cover the county

3.  If their fees have changed since it's been a decade since we've had work in their state

4.  Make sure the researcher gets paid for the work they will have to put into that particular search.  I hate it when you think you have a simple current owner and it ends up being a 200-yr old search because the family came over on the Mayflower and built that house from sticks - and the entire family (including their grandchildren down to their great-great-great-great grandchildren) owns all the parcels in that county.  Did I mention the name is Johnson who died, no will, and a ton of Johnson heirs and their spouses??  (Ohio is a dower state...spouses matter.)  A full search fee wouldn't cover it.  So I want my researchers to review and be fair to themselves to make sure they get paid for the work that would be involved.

Prior to everything being a RUSH-RUSH-RUSH, clients allowed us to work on our searches.  And if the search became more than a current owner, or on whatever we are working, we just called them for a fee increase approval with explanation why we need more money.  Now they want to know what they are getting into prior to submitting the request.  I think part of it is because of the clocks.  Most clients are on a clock with the banks...which affects the amount of orders they get from the bank.  Once that order is submitted, the clock starts.  Which also affects ETAs.  If you know it's a full search and you may need an extra day, the initial ETA will more likely be met.  Nothing urks a client much more than when you change the ETA out ...or you are late.  (Except ghosting.  Going silent really urks thems!)  That's bad for business and they may not be calling on you any longer.  To this day, I still remember what my former boss told me when I first started working at ABC in 2000..."You are only as good as your last search."

I'm sorry for the rambling.  I don't like how this market is playing out this year.  I don't like how this industry has changed over the decades - putting profits over quality - American companies by-passing Americans for a quick buck, no matter who they sink.  I miss the days when showing pride in your work or product actually meant something and was respected by our clients.  

 (Rant over. lol)

You all have a lovely day!


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Re: Quotes, Estimates and ETA's - Kurt deVries/FL
10/4/2022 10:45:20 AM (1076 views)
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Re: Quotes, Estimates and ETA's - Naomi Backes/NC
10/6/2022 10:17:43 PM (1097 views)
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