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[+] A holiday message - Kara Foster-Morales/OH (1 reply)
11/22/2022 12:16:51 PM (801 views)

[+] 51 Title & Taxes - Oversea Liars - Robert Perez/ID (8 replies)
11/21/2022 2:11:14 PM (1479 views)

[+] FOR COOS AND VENDOR MANAGERS - Kara Foster-Morales/OH (8 replies)
11/21/2022 11:45:18 AM (1398 views)

[+] COURT CASES - Michael Rosing/IL (7 replies)
11/18/2022 3:32:08 PM (1138 views)

[+] Pro Lien Pro: has anyone worked with them? - William Duncan/SC (1 reply)
11/15/2022 1:58:21 PM (895 views)

Real Title Services

11/11/2022 8:51:14 AM (781 views)

[+] OFFSORE PART 2 - Michael Rosing/IL (4 replies)
11/10/2022 6:55:08 PM (1278 views)

[+] Nationwide Abstrax: non-payer - Ben Wilczynski/PA (3 replies)
11/9/2022 3:49:18 PM (1161 views)

[+] Non Payer - Dee Danson/NY (1 reply)
11/3/2022 3:16:37 PM (1474 views)

[+] NOBLESERVE - Michael Rosing/IL (7 replies)
11/2/2022 5:42:08 PM (1338 views)

[-] fees charged for current owner and full - M Jackson/TN (4 replies)
11/2/2022 10:59:37 AM (1723 views)

I have a National company trying to get me to do a quote fee on a current owner & a full search combined. They want me to combine the products and give 1 fee for both. I guess in case the current owner turns into a full and they don't want us contacting them all the time to get additional fees for copies, etc.

Has anyone done this? My fees are quite different for these 2. Do I go back to doing higher current owner searches to meet the full search fee or come down off my full search fee? Meet somewhere in the middle?. That scares me. They are a big client and I need to be competitive and make money. Afraid Ill lose what little I do still have. I'm in Tennessee only.

You can email me with answers. I realize some don't want to outwardly discuss fees on here. But I'm confused. They wont give me any help as to what others are doing. But I rely on what we are all doing to be in the norm.

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Re: fees charged for current owner and full - Brandon ONeal/TN
11/7/2022 7:58:03 PM (1469 views)
Re: fees charged for current owner and full - DB Title Solutions/CA
11/10/2022 6:26:44 PM (1455 views)
Re: fees charged for current owner and full - jane guiles/AL
11/10/2022 6:56:37 PM (1435 views)
Re: fees charged for current owner and full - AMANDA SELIG/AR
1/16/2023 1:02:28 PM (896 views)

[+] Warning about VKM TITLE LLC *NON-Payer - Nancy  Jones/PA (3 replies)
10/31/2022 11:44:17 AM (2594 views)

Foreclosure Update - Randi Erickson/MN
10/29/2022 8:50:04 PM (996 views)

[+] OFFSHORE: Kara's Response - Kara Foster-Morales/OH (22 replies)
10/26/2022 10:11:04 PM (1626 views)

[+] Avanze Business Solutions - Thomas Solom/MN (6 replies)
10/26/2022 3:29:15 PM (1371 views)

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