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Real Document Solutions

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[-] Nationwide Title Clearing - Michaela Urban/OH (17 replies)
1/2/2023 10:55:39 AM (1926 views)

Did anyone else get a note from Nationwide Title Clearing about "if you do work online then you are violating your agreement with them and you will be fired!"  Needless to say I made the mistake of trying to have a conversation with them about this, and they fired me for doing work online - which is absolutely ridiculous!  This lady told me that I wasn't "boots on the ground enough!" for their company.  I literally live blocks away from one courthouse, and my other two counties are within a half hour from me.  I did their work for over 10 years.  Our online systems are the same as in the courthouse.  Due to Covid, most indexes were put online so people did not have to go in.  Yet according to them I am not allowed to sit at home and do my work, and then go to the county.  Despite the fact the copies the copies that I get online are the same as the ones in the county, well because I didn't walk into the door of the courthouse to get them - I'm a terrible person who needed to be let go!  I also believe they were one of the larger companies that pushed to get stuff online so they could do the work online . . . so its okay if they pull stuff online.  But the person with 24 years experience, who does this everyday, doesn't know what they are doing????  I needed let go????  Are you kidding me???? 

I'm just appalled to be treated this way.  I am as "boots on the ground" as they come!  But please explain to me why I need to get dressed and drive to the county to do work . . . isn't my time better spent doing all that I can at home, and THEN going into the county to get what I need????  Since when do clients micromanage how I do my job here???  Is there no trust given that I know how to do my job - after 24 years of experience under my belt????  Apparently!

So in the meantime, the next person will be happily doing their work online . . . and I'm over here, fired.  How dare I try to discuss the way that I do work with someone at their company!  What a joke!  I could understand this in say, 1998.  But we are living in 2023 now, and technology is the way everything is going.  I go in the county as I need to.  Otherwise I'm here every single morning doing my work online! And maybe I could understand this if I lived in one state, and was doing work in another state . . . but I am doing work in my home county.  I live mere minutes from my closest courthouse, and a short drive to my other two counties.  Some offices - you can ONLY access their stuff ONLINE now! 

But HOW DARE I DO WORK ONLINE!  I'm a terrible person, I guess?  Nevermind they have no interest in how things work, or what the people who work them have to say!  Nevermind I am insured!  Nevermind 24 years experience!  Some lady behind a computer, who can't even answer the phone, or email me back about my questions and concerns -  knows better than I do!  So BEWARE!  Its better to lie apparently, than be honest about how you do your job!  LESSON LEARNED NATIONWIDE TITLE CLEARING!!!!  Thanks for firing me!!!!

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Re: Nationwide Title Clearing - Michael Rosing/IL
1/2/2023 11:48:28 AM (1772 views)
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1/16/2023 12:52:34 PM (1876 views)
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1/27/2023 4:59:11 PM (906 views)

[+] Cott Systems Cyber Attack - Robert Franco/OH (22 replies)
12/29/2022 12:12:32 PM (1955 views)

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