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[+] You Cannot Delete Forum Posts - Robert Franco/OH (5 replies)
2/19/2023 11:08:59 AM (998 views)

NON PAYMENT: American Title Research, Dale Nickel - Angela Sharp/CA
2/16/2023 1:04:34 PM (747 views)

NON PAYMENT: Leader Settlement Services LLC James Vassallo - Angela Sharp/CA
2/13/2023 11:10:48 PM (804 views)

[+] SN Title - Julia Cutshall/PA (1 reply)
2/13/2023 1:09:41 PM (763 views)

[+] NATIONWIDE ABSTRAX - Kelly LaForce/MN (8 replies)
2/10/2023 8:51:24 AM (1340 views)

Real Title Services
Real Document Solutions

[+] Title Services Direct - Misty Ireland/WA (11 replies)
2/9/2023 5:35:35 PM (1186 views)

[+] Stellar Innovative Solutions - Bryce L/UT (14 replies)
2/8/2023 1:28:54 PM (1412 views)

[+] Does Missouri Require Abstractors to be Licensed? - Jay Duncan/MO (15 replies)
2/6/2023 7:44:51 AM (975 views)

[+] CHEAP FLAT FEES PART II - Michael Rosing/IL (7 replies)
1/31/2023 9:23:28 AM (1118 views)

[+] CHEAP FLAT FEES - Michael Rosing/IL (6 replies)
1/27/2023 1:30:47 PM (1403 views)

[+] Hiring in NY - Dan Zook/NY (9 replies)
1/26/2023 1:15:54 PM (994 views)

[+] Corelogic - Jay Duncan/MO (4 replies)
1/26/2023 12:36:38 PM (1117 views)

[+] Title Direct Services - Becky Vigneault/VT (5 replies)
1/24/2023 9:48:54 AM (1088 views)

[-] Quotes - Arlene Nelson/NY (7 replies)
1/23/2023 12:43:14 PM (1659 views)
Re: Quotes - Judy Maclauchlan/NY
1/23/2023 1:41:57 PM (1283 views)
Re: Quotes - Michael Rosing/IL
1/23/2023 1:53:23 PM (1232 views)
Re: Quotes - Victoria  Wertz/GA
1/23/2023 2:59:48 PM (1168 views)

Arlene, I assume you are referring to a commercial search.  I get that it's annoying, however, sometimes the person requesting the quote is at the mercy of a client who is probably asking other people to provide a quote as well.  If I had to pay to get the quote and then didn't get the job, I'd be out money.  I also get it takes time to review a search to be able to quote it, which to me a fair, to make sure an abstractor gets paid fairly for their work.   In the past when we've been asked to quote stuff that we routinely don't get, we'll tell clients we can't piss off our abstractors by continually asking them for quotes and then not giving them the work.  You can always tell a client, that isn't a job you want to quote and take a pass if it is someone who never gives you work.  If it is a good client, then roll the dice :)

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Re: Quotes - Kurt deVries/FL
1/24/2023 11:46:09 AM (1161 views)
1/27/2023 4:50:10 PM (1168 views)
Re: Quotes - Dianne Barnidge/MS
1/30/2023 12:13:00 PM (1051 views)
Re: Quotes - DB Title Solutions/CA
1/31/2023 2:48:01 AM (1303 views)

[+] COTT Disaster - Rita Killary/NY (4 replies)
1/21/2023 8:35:16 PM (981 views)

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