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[+] CHEAP FLAT FEES PART II - Michael Rosing/IL (4 replies)
1/31/2023 9:23:28 AM (213 views)

[+] CHEAP FLAT FEES - Michael Rosing/IL (2 replies)
1/27/2023 1:30:47 PM (418 views)

[+] Hiring in NY - Dan Zook/NY (6 replies)
1/26/2023 1:15:54 PM (319 views)

[+] Corelogic - Jay Duncan/MO (4 replies)
1/26/2023 12:36:38 PM (363 views)

[+] Title Direct Services - Becky Vigneault/VT (4 replies)
1/24/2023 9:48:54 AM (408 views)

AccuSearch Company

[-] Quotes - Arlene Nelson/NY (7 replies)
1/23/2023 12:43:14 PM (454 views)
Re: Quotes - Judy Maclauchlan/NY
1/23/2023 1:41:57 PM (263 views)
Re: Quotes - Michael Rosing/IL
1/23/2023 1:53:23 PM (259 views)
Re: Quotes - Victoria  Wertz/GA
1/23/2023 2:59:48 PM (214 views)
Re: Quotes - Kurt deVries/FL
1/24/2023 11:46:09 AM (174 views)

We sometimes get the same order from 2-3 clients looking for a quote. For a while I was going to charge $25 for the quote and take that off the invoice if they used us. It is a real pain to task an abstractor for 15-30 minutes figuring out a quote and never getting the order; which happens about 70% of the time.


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1/27/2023 4:50:10 PM (164 views)
Re: Quotes - Dianne Barnidge/MS
1/30/2023 12:13:00 PM (88 views)
Re: Quotes - DB Title Solutions/CA
1/31/2023 2:48:01 AM (85 views)

[+] COTT Disaster - Rita Killary/NY (4 replies)
1/21/2023 8:35:16 PM (463 views)

[+] Pricing Question - Laura Johnston/MI (2 replies)
1/18/2023 9:03:15 PM (588 views)

[+] AMROCK - F P/NC (3 replies)
1/17/2023 8:16:57 AM (1061 views)

[+] lifeline - Ricky Gill/MS (4 replies)
1/17/2023 7:45:48 AM (513 views)

[+] PNA Title Services LLC - Chris Steffes/MN (1 reply)
1/11/2023 4:18:14 PM (1003 views)

[+] HOLY SMOKES: Goldman Sachs laying off 3,000+ people - William Duncan/SC (1 reply)
1/9/2023 11:43:50 AM (956 views)

Resware - William Duncan/SC
1/9/2023 11:15:43 AM (439 views)

[+] Lay offs - William Duncan/SC (1 reply)
1/3/2023 11:54:51 AM (900 views)

[+] Nationwide Title Clearing - Michaela Urban/OH (17 replies)
1/2/2023 10:55:39 AM (1337 views)

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January 13 2023
Title Searchers needed in Connecticut and Massachusetts for title work. We are looking in all Counties. Have new customer for both states. Please text Sharon Moller, DBA Northeastern Title Services at 239-298-1463 or email[more info]

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