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[-] Title Services Direct - Misty Ireland/WA (11 replies)
2/9/2023 5:35:35 PM (1338 views)

Any issues collecting payment or is it just us? We've done business with this company since Sept. 2020 and really enjoyed working with them for quite some time... That is until Tanya was let go in Aug. 2022 where things went downhill. We've been trying to collect on past due invoices since Oct 2022 and even talked to the owner Judy who was no help. She only stated James is handling the accounts and that he says all invoices will be paid. With no payment since Sept 2022 after various attempts to collect, James has been MIA with ZERO communication as we are currently owed $5800+ since June 2022

Beware. I assume they are needing to outsource new abstractors if they're not paying their ol' reliable ones. It's sad to see this is the direction we're going when we had built such a strong relationship.  Needless to say we will no longer be doing business with Title Services Direct. 

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Re: Title Services Direct - Rita Killary/NY
2/9/2023 6:19:44 PM (1566 views)
Re: Title Services Direct - Rita Killary/NY
2/17/2023 4:49:13 PM (1608 views)
Re: Title Services Direct - george Hubka/MI
2/20/2023 5:46:37 PM (1200 views)
Re: Title Services Direct - James  O’Connell III/IL
2/21/2023 1:49:20 PM (1116 views)
Re: Title Services Direct - jess barker/IL
2/13/2023 4:50:46 PM (1295 views)
Re: Title Services Direct - Misty Ireland/WA
2/13/2023 4:54:27 PM (1363 views)
Re: Title Services Direct - jess barker/IL
2/13/2023 4:57:08 PM (1230 views)
Re: Title Services Direct - S. Simon Ogan/MD
2/13/2023 5:11:55 PM (1300 views)
Re: Title Services Direct - James  O’Connell III/IL
2/21/2023 1:50:54 PM (1189 views)
Re: Title Services Direct - Afton Wilcox/OR
10/19/2023 12:41:31 PM (327 views)
Re: Title Services Direct - James  O’Connell III/IL
2/21/2023 1:53:10 PM (1193 views)

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Real Title Services

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