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[+] VKM Title - Diane Sherrill/SC (1 reply)
5/24/2023 12:16:43 PM (605 views)

[+] Robert Franco and sourceoftitle.com - Patty Baber/CA (7 replies)
5/23/2023 12:47:12 PM (1094 views)

[+] AVANZE/ FUGO/ VISTRO INFO - William Stuart/AL (20 replies)
5/15/2023 3:53:24 PM (1396 views)

States dumping the torrens registry system - Randi Erickson/MN
5/15/2023 10:23:51 AM (730 views)

[+] Collection Agencies - Patty Baber/CA (6 replies)
5/15/2023 9:26:42 AM (670 views)

Real Title Services
Real Document Solutions

Diverse Title - Jason Knowles/AL
5/11/2023 11:47:13 AM (620 views)

Compexinc - Joyce Harper/OH
5/11/2023 8:35:34 AM (478 views)

[+] UPDATE TO AVANZE NON-PAYMENT - Mike Gottardi/TX (5 replies)
5/9/2023 6:52:59 PM (837 views)

[+] Put a lien on properties we searched - Patty Baber/CA (10 replies)
5/9/2023 5:32:17 PM (1201 views)

SanRit Technologies - No Pay - Patty Baber/CA
5/9/2023 1:15:26 PM (495 views)

[+] Stellar Innovations - Randi Erickson/MN (6 replies)
5/8/2023 4:58:40 PM (900 views)

[-] Avanze - Jay Duncan/MO (5 replies)
5/8/2023 10:01:57 AM (693 views)

Has anyone had problems with Avanze and payment?

They were consistent with work and payment but have not received payment for the past two months. 

Put them on credit hold, but now they are not responding to emails and the phone is constantly busy.

Anyone have a good phone number and different email address? 

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Re: Avanze - Brandon ONeal/TN
5/8/2023 1:08:06 PM (779 views)
Re: Avanze - Jay Duncan/MO
5/8/2023 1:13:05 PM (782 views)
Re: Avanze - george Hubka/MI
5/8/2023 1:48:28 PM (812 views)
Re: Avanze - Jay Duncan/MO
5/8/2023 1:56:11 PM (770 views)
Re: Avanze - Kurt deVries/FL
5/9/2023 10:06:11 AM (822 views)

[+] At Home Title MN - Regina  Engebritson/MN (3 replies)
5/5/2023 8:04:08 AM (626 views)

[+] Infinity International Processing Services NO PAY - Patty Baber/CA (7 replies)
5/3/2023 2:25:10 PM (613 views)

[+] AVANZE NON-PAYMENT - Mike Gottardi/TX (2 replies)
5/1/2023 6:57:05 PM (688 views)

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