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[-] Avanze- NO pay - athira Nithin/DE (11 replies)
9/6/2023 7:48:36 AM (769 views)
I would like to begin by expressing my heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support and commitment during these trying times. It is abundantly clear that our community places immense value on unity and shared principles, and it is precisely these values that we need to draw upon as we confront a significant challenge together.
Over the past year, we have found ourselves in an unsettling predicament involving an unresolved debt of $35,000 owed by Avanze. Despite our persistent attempts to engage in dialogue and seek a resolution, our efforts have been met with silence. This lack of accountability has not only been deeply frustrating but has also had a substantial impact on our daily operations and financial stability.
I firmly believe that now is the time for us to unite and send a clear and resounding message. Our community's strength lies in our collective voice and the principles we share. The proposal on the table is to consider the possibility of temporarily suspending our services to Avanze until the outstanding debt is satisfactorily settled. This action would underline the critical importance of receiving fair and timely compensation for the hard work we provide. By taking this step, we not only advocate for our rights but also set a powerful precedent for ethical business practices.
The foundation of every business relationship should be built upon collaboration and mutual respect. Our proposed action will serve as a testament to our belief in the value of our contributions and our expectation that they are acknowledged and remunerated justly. I earnestly encourage each and every one of you to reflect on the potential ramifications of this collective decision. Should we choose to pause our work for Avanze until the debt is resolved, we are making a strong statement about the significance of our contributions and the importance of upholding contractual agreements.
Let us not lose sight of the fact that our unity has the potential to spark meaningful change. If you are in agreement with this proposition, kindly express your support in the comments below. Furthermore, your thoughts and suggestions are invaluable as we navigate through this challenging situation together.
I extend my deepest gratitude for your time, understanding, and steadfast support. Together, we can uphold our shared values and work towards a fair and equitable resolution to this issue.
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