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[-] Avanze- NO pay - athira Nithin/DE (11 replies)
9/6/2023 7:48:36 AM (1016 views)
Re: Avanze- NO pay - Tony Costa/LA
9/6/2023 9:20:10 AM (857 views)
Re: Avanze- NO pay - athira Nithin/DE
9/6/2023 9:25:40 AM (834 views)
Re: Avanze- NO pay - Kurt deVries/FL
9/6/2023 9:52:51 AM (873 views)

At this point with all the negative "press" I don't know why anyone would be working with Avanze. We cut them off months ago. I'll take it a step farther, if we all banned together and refused work from overseas companies; how much longer would they be taking our work? I know at this stage of the game it's tough as we're all working through it. I'm sure we're all in the same boat where the work we get from overseas is extremely difficult and time consuming along with them not wanting to pay what it's worth. I'm open to a suggestions and comments.

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Re: Avanze- NO pay - athira Nithin/DE
9/8/2023 2:55:57 AM (783 views)
Re: Avanze- NO pay - Mikey Tyburczy/FL
9/8/2023 8:35:28 AM (768 views)
Re: Avanze- NO pay - athira Nithin/DE
9/8/2023 8:47:05 AM (772 views)
Re: Avanze- NO pay - Mikey Tyburczy/FL
9/8/2023 2:05:44 PM (769 views)
Re: Avanze- NO pay - Kurt deVries/FL
9/8/2023 4:31:03 PM (747 views)
Re: Avanze- NO pay - george Hubka/MI
9/11/2023 12:37:35 PM (703 views)
Re: Avanze- NO pay - nita  farrow/FL
9/12/2023 1:12:06 PM (690 views)
Re: Avanze- NO pay - nita  farrow/FL
11/30/2023 11:39:41 AM (422 views)

[+] RealMount Solutions - Jay Duncan/MO (2 replies)
9/5/2023 10:49:35 AM (751 views)

[+] NW Montana Land Scandal Reaches All the Way to Montana Supreme Court - Randi Erickson/MN (1 reply)
9/4/2023 5:08:39 PM (822 views)

[+] "Out of office" messages - Ben Wilczynski/PA (8 replies)
8/31/2023 6:27:35 PM (1309 views)

[+] Sure2Balance - Sherry Greene/MI (7 replies)
8/30/2023 9:17:17 AM (792 views)

Real Title Services

[+] Uniting for Fair Compensation: Taking a Stand Regarding Outstanding Debt with Avanze- NO Pay - athira Nithin/DE (2 replies)
8/29/2023 2:16:34 AM (751 views)

8/26/2023 12:46:20 PM (775 views)

[+] E&O REQUIREMENTS FOR EXAMINING? - Heidi Gemeling/FL (3 replies)
8/26/2023 12:42:52 PM (1039 views)

[+] VKM Title - Diane Sherrill/SC (8 replies)
8/25/2023 6:48:47 AM (1750 views)

[+] Cornerstone Abstracts and Title Service Nashville - Christopher Slone/KY (1 reply)
8/24/2023 6:56:59 PM (967 views)

[+] IDA Automation - Tammy Barrett/FL (5 replies)
8/23/2023 11:41:49 AM (826 views)

[+] Court house copies in NC - Patty  Baber/FL (5 replies)
8/17/2023 2:13:26 PM (917 views)

[+] What do you do about fraud? - Patty  Baber/FL (14 replies)
8/17/2023 1:41:24 PM (902 views)

[+] It's me again, NALTEA again - Patty  Baber/FL (2 replies)
8/16/2023 4:26:42 PM (839 views)

[+] Here is why I recommend Real Title Services, Inc. - Terry Ray/OH (7 replies)
8/15/2023 12:16:13 PM (1085 views)

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