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[+] Ameristar - Diane Sherrill/SC (2 replies)
9/21/2023 7:39:37 PM (89 views)

[+] Covers all 62 NY counties - Pamela Tierney/NY (1 reply)
9/21/2023 12:40:05 PM (135 views)

Overseas Wunderkind - Kurt deVries/FL
9/21/2023 12:12:48 PM (85 views)

[+] Non-Payer - TIMELY DOCUMENTS LLC - jess barker/IL (4 replies)
9/14/2023 6:45:31 PM (306 views)

Warning: Scammers - William Duncan/SC
9/12/2023 7:20:26 PM (344 views)

Real Document Solutions

[+] ANS Title Solutions of California - Cynthia  Shafer/PA (2 replies)
9/12/2023 10:24:19 AM (212 views)

[+] How come no CA Abstractors!? - DB Title Solutions/CA (6 replies)
9/7/2023 10:57:07 PM (478 views)

[+] Avanze- NO pay - athira Nithin/DE (10 replies)
9/6/2023 7:48:36 AM (481 views)

[+] RealMount Solutions - Jay Duncan/MO (2 replies)
9/5/2023 10:49:35 AM (257 views)

[+] NW Montana Land Scandal Reaches All the Way to Montana Supreme Court - Randi Erickson/MN (1 reply)
9/4/2023 5:08:39 PM (337 views)

[-] "Out of office" messages - Ben Wilczynski/PA (7 replies)
8/31/2023 6:27:35 PM (702 views)
Re: "Out of office" messages - nita  farrow/FL
9/12/2023 1:20:52 PM (134 views)
Re: "Out of office" messages - Ben Wilczynski/PA
9/12/2023 4:03:34 PM (157 views)
Re: "Out of office" messages - nita  farrow/FL
9/12/2023 4:25:12 PM (134 views)
Re: "Out of office" messages - Ben Wilczynski/PA
9/12/2023 4:59:43 PM (128 views)
Re: "Out of office" messages - nita  farrow/FL
9/12/2023 5:06:33 PM (123 views)
Re: "Out of office" messages - Diane Sherrill/SC
9/13/2023 9:19:51 AM (134 views)
Re: "Out of office" messages - Dianne Barnidge/MS
9/18/2023 12:12:10 PM (99 views)

I certainly cannot comment on any problems with any company before Veracity Research, as I never had dealings with them. I can, however, say that I have experienced nothing but complete pleasantness and professionalism from Veracity and have been timely paid on all orders I have completed for them. I only wish that I received more work from them because they have truly been wonderful to work with.

On the subject of "out of office" messages, I cannot agree more. One of my pet peeves is non-communication. When I communicate, it is always by written email in order to preserve the chain of events in case of any questions. If you're out of office, that is totally understandable. Many time I am in areas with limited or no signals. I carry an additional hotspot and a tablet, as well as a cell phone, but cows, pigs, chickens and other livestock don't pay for cell towers and there are still many areas of Mississippi that are inaccessible. Having a simple "I may not be able to respond immediately." message lets me know that I'm not simply being ignored. It's just a good practice.


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[+] Sure2Balance - Sherry Greene/MI (7 replies)
8/30/2023 9:17:17 AM (330 views)

[+] Uniting for Fair Compensation: Taking a Stand Regarding Outstanding Debt with Avanze- NO Pay - athira Nithin/DE (2 replies)
8/29/2023 2:16:34 AM (363 views)

8/26/2023 12:46:20 PM (340 views)

[+] E&O REQUIREMENTS FOR EXAMINING? - Heidi Gemeling/FL (3 replies)
8/26/2023 12:42:52 PM (543 views)

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