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[+] Need gournd Abstractors Sevier County TN - A-K ./CO (1 reply)
12/12/2017 12:55:02 PM (340 views)

[+] FLAT Rate on Current Owner Search $30 - Metric  Title/DE (1 reply)
12/11/2017 3:53:57 PM (514 views)

Title Search Software - Metric  Title/DE
12/11/2017 3:50:49 PM (312 views)

Place Title Search Orders Through Qualia to Metric Title - Metric  Title/DE
12/11/2017 3:50:30 PM (283 views)

Commercial Services In 30 States - Brandon O'Neal/FL
12/8/2017 1:44:41 PM (413 views)

AccuSearch Company

Year End Offer - Smitty Strickland/SC
12/6/2017 12:50:47 PM (388 views)

Try us for FREE!!! - Cory Schmitt/MN
12/4/2017 11:43:22 AM (405 views)

Year end offers - Payal S/NY
12/1/2017 4:42:51 AM (350 views)

Announcement - Don (Chunshen) Li/GA
11/29/2017 11:55:50 AM (367 views)

FL, TX, CO, MD -Res/Comm - Tamara Howard/FL
11/27/2017 1:55:26 PM (386 views)

Title Report Tool - Don (Chunshen) Li/GA
11/24/2017 6:05:37 PM (301 views)

Document Retrieval Wayne County, MI - Kelly Miller/WV
11/20/2017 10:47:35 AM (329 views)

Missouri, Kansas, Illinois - Residential, Commercial - We have you covered! - Jay Duncan/MO
11/19/2017 9:00:45 PM (288 views)

Thank you for considering Gateway Title Research, Inc. as your choice for abstracting and title research.

We know there is a number of factors that go into choosing an abstractor, including price, coverage area, turn time, experience, communication and neat, crisp reports with the information that you need.

We have expanded coverage areas which include the entire states of Missouri, Kansas and Illinois.

We are licensed in Missouri and Kansas as required.

We provide more information on our reports than other abstractors.

We carry $1,000,000 in Errors and Omission insurance.

Our fees are competitive.

Our abstractors have an average experience of ten years or longer in the industry.

All our reports are typed in an orderly presentation of the search results with all the information of what you need.

We keep our files and information safe with our secure system and disposal/shredding procedures.

We have developed an on-line system where you can place orders, monitor the status, and download the completed work at your convenience.

We like to keep our turn times for our metro counties to 24 hours or less. As the search gets further out from the metro areas then turn times also increase due to the travel time.

We not only complete residential work but also commercial and cell tower work as well.

We keep our lines of communication open and let you know when there will be a delay. You can always call us during normal business hours or e-mail us anytime for the status of a search.

Feel free to call us with any questions that you may have.

We look forward to working with you.

314-270-4100 /

Gateway Title Research, Inc.

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[+] Hiring Title Agents Full Time who can also run searches - ProTitleUSA Title Search/PA (2 replies)
11/15/2017 1:15:58 PM (549 views)

[+] FAYETTE COUNTY, PA - Michelle Warsing/PA (3 replies)
11/14/2017 8:57:07 AM (346 views)

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