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California Independent Abstractor - Jimmy Anderson/TN
2/13/2018 10:07:52 AM (219 views)

Residential / Commercial / Cell Tower / Wind Tower - Missouri, Kansas and Illinois - Jay Duncan/MO
2/12/2018 2:45:55 PM (160 views)

[+] Do you need a website for your tile search business? - William Duncan/NC (4 replies)
2/11/2018 2:59:45 PM (230 views)

Will give hugs for a current owner search - William Duncan/NC
2/10/2018 10:05:06 PM (301 views)

[+] Commercial search - Kevin Gnaniah/GA (4 replies)
2/10/2018 2:59:43 PM (288 views)

AccuSearch Company

[+] Deed Walk up services - Dawn Zacharias/OH (1 reply)
2/7/2018 1:56:37 PM (247 views)

Large Scale Chicago Title Investment Opportunity - William Duncan/NC
2/5/2018 2:45:15 PM (275 views)

Large-scale Chicago-based Project is looking for major investors to invest in to ultimately acquire an inactive title insurance underwriter. This is an underwriter (the insurance company) and not an agent of an insurance company.

A plan would be to first develop a Chicago Area base of business. Then with this base, grow the company nationally. The Chicago Area is the most profitable and the safest for an underwriter. It is also a very easy market to manage.

Illinois requires title underwriters to have $2 Million of capital. Qualifying for Illinois immediately qualifies an underwriter for 31 additional states.

The inactive underwriter will contribute its $900,000 of capital with a plan for all their equity to be transferred to new principals with future profits. This is as close as it gets to “free-money.”

In the Chicago Area, a separate Service Company does almost all the work for attorney agents. Service Company fees for a $248,000 transaction are $2,495.00. Premium and Closing Protection Letter fees paid to the underwriter for the same transaction are $502.00.

The plan is also to allow Chicago Area Attorney Title Insurance Agents the opportunity to purchase equity in the underwriter they are sending business to. There are 8,000 Chicago Area Attorney Title Insurance Agents. However, major investor(s) will first be needed. Additional investments and profit can “payback” initial investors while still leaving them with equity.

There underwriters control 89% of the Chicago Area Market with the Fidelity Family having 54%.

Chicago Area Realtor-Assisted sales are on target to be 117,645 with a median (not the average) sales price of $248,000. This translates into:

• $294 Million in Annual Service Company Work Fees.

• $47.3 Million in Annual Net Premium Paid to the Underwriter.

• $11.8 Million in Annual “Closing Protection Letter Fees” Paid to the Underwriter.

• 8,000 Chicago Area Attorneys that are title insurance agents.

• In addition to Chicago Area Realtor Assisted Sales, there are for sale-by owner sales, sales assisted by real estate agents that are not Realtors, refinance transactions, and Downstate Illinois transactions.

• Breakeven is around 200 Chicago Area Buy/Sell Transactions.

Parts That Are In Place:

• An inactive out-of-state title insurance underwriter with $900,000 of capital. The company was recently purchased with the intent to convert it into a different line of insurance. The principals were not successful and do not want to pursue the title insurance business. They are now looking for a partner with a logical plan to save their investment. They will offer their assets with a plan to transfer all of their equity to new owners.

• Principal contact is ready to contribute 100,000 USD

• Reinsurance from Lloyds of London. This will enable us to issue individual policies of $1 Million or more.

If interested, let me know and I will be more than happy to assist you. Thank you for your time and interest in this project, and have a nice day.




Will Duncan

Business Development

(831) 325 - 8471 

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Maryland Searches - Kristina Leitch/MD
2/1/2018 4:56:16 PM (256 views)

[+] Looking for PA searchers - Amy Molter/PA (1 reply)
1/31/2018 1:13:44 PM (348 views)

[+] SC Title Searches - Smitty Strickland/SC (2 replies)
1/26/2018 1:23:14 PM (281 views)

[+] ADDING MORE STATES - Heidi Gemeling/FL (1 reply)
1/24/2018 1:09:30 PM (340 views)

[+] Seeking new and lapsed clients - Jim A/WV (1 reply)
1/19/2018 11:02:07 AM (253 views)

Offering low-cost US-based Data Entry - William Duncan/AZ
1/18/2018 2:25:45 PM (243 views)

8 New States Posted for Corporate Outsource Solutions - Cynthia Garfold/PA
1/16/2018 9:42:47 AM (456 views)

[+] Need Title Searchers in Washington, RI State - Abhinav Kumar G/TX (3 replies)
1/15/2018 10:36:16 AM (178 views)

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