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Need GA Title Abstractors! - Dawn Hart/GA
5/20/2011 11:44:25 AM (1442 views)

[+] Need Abstractor in Sussex County, DE - James Wright/FL (2 replies)
5/19/2011 10:20:31 AM (1967 views)

Dependable Company Seeking New Clients - Don Fazenbaker /MI
5/17/2011 2:35:26 PM (1443 views)

Florida Title Examiners Needed - Sheryl Andrews/GA
5/13/2011 12:13:14 PM (1323 views)

Need ground Abstractor in Blount and Scott County TN - James Wright/FL
5/12/2011 9:14:46 PM (1681 views)

AccuSearch Company

[+] Need ground Abstractor in IL - James Wright/FL (2 replies)
5/12/2011 9:13:39 PM (1995 views)

Need ground Abstractor in WI - James Wright/FL
5/12/2011 9:11:12 PM (1399 views)

Need ground Abstractor in MI - James Wright/FL
5/12/2011 9:08:27 PM (1469 views)

5/11/2011 1:44:12 PM (1410 views)

[-] MS SOS - Need walk-in filer for UCC's - Shelli Robinson/TX (1 reply)
5/4/2011 10:26:36 AM (1750 views)


I am looking for a correspondent to walk in UCC filings (which we would Fed-X or e-mail as directed) with the MS SOS office.  We would need them to be filed the same day of receipt.   We ask that the filing fees be advanced and then invoiced to us for payment along with your service fee. 

Thank you


Shelli Robinson
Vendor Network: A.Team Leader
CT Lien Solutions
            A part of CT, a Wolters Kluwer Company
2727 Allen Parkway, Suite 1000
Houston, TX 77019
 800-833-5778 ext 4708
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Re: Need walk-in filer for UCC's - Margie Allen/TX
5/17/2011 1:14:17 AM (1291 views)

Palm Beach closer/title - Dave Pelligrinelli/GA
5/3/2011 2:23:33 PM (1329 views)

[+] alabama independent abstractor looking for new clients - Krysta Dugger/AL (1 reply)
5/2/2011 4:38:33 PM (2315 views)

[+] ABSTRACTING IN FL, GA, MD, VA - Lane Bennett/LA (13 replies)
4/29/2011 5:42:18 PM (2489 views)

Abstractors Needed for Eastern Ohio - Darryl Griwatz/WV
4/27/2011 6:39:50 PM (1776 views)

[+] KS - HEIDI C/PA (2 replies)
4/26/2011 1:41:33 PM (1443 views)

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