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Commercial Abstractor Available - Cook County and Neighboring Counties in IL - David Fagen/IL
9/14/2011 4:31:46 PM (1505 views)

Looking for Abstracters? - Lucille Femine/TN
9/14/2011 3:04:04 PM (1509 views)

[+] Looking for "Title Abstract Keying" Work - RI Services/IN (9 replies)
9/10/2011 3:47:20 PM (1848 views)

[+] Looking for Title Search Report Typing work - Kashinath  Ratnakar/IN (9 replies)
9/7/2011 12:20:23 AM (1942 views)

Mineral Abstractors Needed - E. Ohio, No. West Virginia, SW & NW Pennsylvania - Darryl Griwatz/WV
9/3/2011 2:58:05 PM (1921 views)

AccuSearch Company

We are looking for Abstractors in New York - Janet Angi/MI
9/1/2011 2:18:26 PM (1279 views)

Looking for ........ - Amanda Kraly/PA
9/1/2011 11:30:21 AM (1279 views)

8/31/2011 3:44:25 PM (1053 views)

Looking for Independent Title Examiners for Nassau & Suffolk Counties, and the New York City Area - Vendor Management/CA
8/30/2011 6:01:43 PM (2221 views)

Looking for North Mississippi Abstractors - James "Lin" Toney/MS
8/30/2011 4:05:26 PM (1168 views)

[+] Looking for IN abstractors - lupe Hernandez/MI (1 reply)
8/25/2011 1:56:25 PM (1285 views)

delta county, texas - lupe Hernandez/MI
8/23/2011 3:17:34 PM (1117 views)

[+] Searchers/Examiners: AL, CA, CO, FL, GA, KY, NC, SC & TN - RedVision/FL (4 replies)
8/23/2011 12:48:10 PM (2067 views)

[+] Richmond County & Queens County Examiners/Abstractors Needed - Sherri Fried/NY (4 replies)
8/21/2011 9:52:07 PM (1804 views)

[-] Looking for Title Search Report Typing/Abstract Work - Kashinath  Ratnakar/AK (6 replies)
8/21/2011 1:02:49 PM (2003 views)

 I am looking for Title Search Report typing/abstract work, My details are blow

Vendor Type                                        :           Title Abstractor            
First Name                                           :           Kiran                
Last Name                                           :           Kamble
Company Name                                   :           Reliable Services India
Company / Business Entity Type           :           Individual          
How Many Employees Does Your        :           Two and more if required
Primary Business Location                    :           India (Maharashtra)      
In Business Since                                 :           2007    
How did you hear about us?                  :              
State                                                      :           India     
Preferred Method of Contact                :           Email    
Preferred Method of
Receiving Orders Daily                        :           Email and Vendor account        
Maximum Volume of
Orders You Can Handle Daily              :           20-50 and more

Email (Please indicate N/A if none)       : 
I can type OH, MI, MA, PA, KY, IN, CA, etc. individually and also I can search taxes and documents.

1. you will get you order in TAT and with Quality.
2. you will save you valuable money and time ..?

a. As much as I know, now you will spend at least 40-50 dollars per Order.  But.
b. we charge very low cost per Deal/Order because you spend in Dollars and we receive in INR
c. We will send you deals in TAT with best quality etc.
d. we can type all title search report individually

you can place us test order... if you want to test us, after that you can decide  thanks...!!

Please reply us with your details.. thanks..!!!

Thanks and regards
Kiran Kamble
Reliable Services          
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Re: Looking for Title Search Report Typing/Abstract Work - Rebecca Cowart/MS
8/22/2011 6:30:54 AM (1405 views)
Re: Looking for Title Search Report Typing/Abstract Work - rod hefner/KS
8/23/2011 10:48:35 AM (1330 views)
Re: Looking for Title Search Report Typing/Abstract Work - Kashinath  Ratnakar/AK
8/24/2011 10:11:49 PM (1348 views)
Re: Looking for Title Search Report Typing/Abstract Work - Kashinath  Ratnakar/AK
8/24/2011 10:07:47 PM (1329 views)
Re: Looking for Title Search Report Typing/Abstract Work - Rebecca Cowart/MS
8/25/2011 5:38:04 AM (1375 views)
Re: Looking for Title Search Report Typing/Abstract Work - Kurt deVries/FL
8/30/2011 1:37:16 PM (1417 views)

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January 13 2023
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