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Title Work Wanted - karen smith/PA
2/25/2019 12:32:14 AM (261 views)

Hire me as your typist - Mary Kobayashi/ID
2/21/2019 4:06:36 PM (103 views)

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2/17/2019 8:54:11 PM (228 views)

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2/15/2019 2:46:55 PM (252 views)

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2/14/2019 2:56:23 PM (262 views)

AccuSearch Company

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2/14/2019 1:11:40 PM (456 views)

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2/14/2019 12:58:03 PM (138 views)

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Carteret County, NC- docs retrieved - Christina Hunoval/NC
2/5/2019 3:04:20 PM (438 views)

De Kalb County IL - Sandeep Sadanandan/FL
2/5/2019 1:20:08 PM (122 views)

[-] Looking for abstractors nationwide - ProTitleUSA Title Search/PA (7 replies)
2/4/2019 3:06:15 PM (643 views)
Re: Looking for abstractors nationwide - Jay Duncan/MO
2/5/2019 10:02:04 AM (308 views)
Re: Looking for abstractors nationwide - Venkatesh  R S/AK
2/12/2019 12:26:13 PM (258 views)

Hi Erika,

I have 10+ years work experience in U.S. Residential Mortgage Based Title Process. I can do the Title Search with the help of "Netronline - Public Records Online Portal".

This is to let you know that I can do the Title Search on any State in US. I request you to send any Property Address to do the Title Search. 

I will send you the Title Search, Title Commitment Report/Ownership and Encumbrances Report and recorded documents (Vesting Deed, Chain of Title, Mortgages, Judgments/Liens, Property Tax Records and Miscellaneous Documents viz., Certificate of Marriage, Mortgage Subordination, Assignment of Mortgage, Substitution of Trustee and Notice of foreclosure sale, etc.) based on the provided Property Address.
Please provide me any property address you have. Kindly provide me an opportunity to show my performance.
Kindly note down the below points:
  • I will provide the service coverage to you as per EST Time Zone
  • I will process all files with 100% Quality and maintaining the TAT
  • I am expecting the very low payment for the above mentioned work
  • I will strictly adhere with Information Security not disclosing any of your customer information to anyone
Initially I can process 10 files per day. 

Title Search & Title Commitment Typing Pricing $4/per file 

Please let me know your thoughts on the same.

Thanks & Regards,

Venkatesh R S

Mobile No.: +91 8921993266 

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Re: Looking for abstractors nationwide - babu reddy/CA
2/13/2019 11:16:01 PM (222 views)
Re: Looking for abstractors nationwide - babu reddy/CA
2/13/2019 11:28:39 PM (201 views)
Re: Looking for abstractors nationwide - babu reddy/CA
2/19/2019 12:02:31 PM (151 views)
Re: Looking for abstractors nationwide - babu reddy/CA
2/19/2019 11:34:23 PM (152 views)
Re: Looking for abstractors nationwide - Sara Tressler/PA
2/25/2019 9:16:19 AM (178 views)

[+] Bertie, NC search needed - Christina Hunoval/NC (1 reply)
1/28/2019 10:23:15 AM (175 views)

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1/27/2019 12:37:27 AM (372 views)

[+] MO Title Search - Catherine Anderson/TN (2 replies)
1/24/2019 1:35:09 PM (207 views)

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April 17 2019
Busy title abstracting company needs experienced independent abstractors for Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont and Florida. Please email your fees, coverage areas and brief resume to[more info]

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