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11/11/2019 11:36:38 AM (239 views)

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11/4/2019 11:07:17 AM (374 views)

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Tennessee civil and record retrieving - Jason Weiss/TN
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[-] Short-Term Well-Paying Job for Mapping of Schedule B Items Needed - Joe O'Brien/TX (1 reply)
11/3/2019 8:35:08 AM (239 views)

Mapping of Schedule B Items Needed

Looking for:

-10-20 landmen or abstractors experienced in mapping easements and surveys with immediate availability for a short-term, well-paying job with incentives for high production.

-Experience in Hidalgo County a plus

Background on this current job

-Tracts located Hidalgo County

-Quick turn-around necessary

-We have about 100 tracts that will be broken up among those who respond

-We have commitments with schedule b items listed, parent tracts, and surveys. All legal descriptions have been combined into a single document and most have been entered into the Metes and Bounds Software, as discussed below.

The job details

-To be paid, all work must be accurately mapped and mapped in proper geographic relation to the survey, as discussed below. Experience with mapping complex older tracts and easements will be needed.

- Survey and easement information legal descriptions provided. Legal descriptions are already compiled into one document. Most have been entered into the Metes and Bounds Software (Sandy Knoll Software:, but need to be aligned correctly. We can provide the appropriate workflow for Metes and Bounds to get the desired product, which is a properly aligned shapefile with all boundaries (parent tract, taking, easements, etc.) included. All files must be geo-referenced using coordinates for the takings provided in the survey. We can also provide the polygons as dxf or Shapefiles for aligning in other software.

- Aligned parcels should be overlaid with an aerial (workflow can be provided using Google Earth) to check the alignment against features on the ground (roads, canals, fence lines, etc.)

- Software – Preference for using Metes and Bounds software, as an appropriate workflow has been established. A similar workflow could be done in AutoCAD or Microstation. Google Earth can be used to verify the location, as discussed above.

-No curative is expected in this effort, so if the easement being mapped is blanket, note this and indicate how you know it is blanket and move to the next easement.

-If an easement does not close, double-check you have properly mapped the easement and then record a note that the easement does not close but that you have double-checked and confirmed the calls have been properly entered.

-If an easement does not look correct and you believe you know what kind of curative action is necessary to correctly map it, hang it where the calls and/or description put it and make descriptive notes that explain what curative you believe is necessary and why.

-If your work is quick and accurate, we will give you more. If not, we will pay you for completed, accurate work and our obligation will be ended.

If interested, capable and available, respond to with the following:

-A copy of your W9 (indicating 1099 status)

-Confirm your immediate availability to work on this job

-Confirm internet connection and working computer

-State what software you will use to plot the metes and bounds of the survey and the schedule b items in geographic relation to the survey and parent tract(s). Metes and Bounds software preferred as stated earlier.

-Your contact information: Name, Phone Number, email, address, etc.

-Provide a brief statement conveying your experience and why you know can complete this work with quickness and accuracy.

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Re: Short-Term Well-Paying Job for Mapping of Schedule B Items Needed - Michael Graves/FL
11/6/2019 2:42:22 PM (182 views)

Escrow Officer / Nationwide Doc Recording Specialist - Dawn Zacharias/OH
10/28/2019 2:51:46 PM (242 views)

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Direct Agents needed. - Tiphany Lehmkuhl/ID
10/18/2019 12:38:20 PM (330 views)

10/16/2019 7:05:27 PM (151 views)

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