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Can't respond to posts - Garret  Fitzgerald/VA
6/27/2022 12:00:47 PM (287 views)

[+] Needing title searchers in all states - Jeff Edrington/GA (2 replies)
6/22/2022 12:22:13 PM (2542 views)

Need Title Searchers & Abstractors in Vermont & South Carolina & Mississippi - Janice Markey/NY
6/21/2022 2:02:34 PM (360 views)

[+] Abstractor/Examiners needed Nationwide - Justin Tate-Johnson/FL (9 replies)
6/20/2022 10:44:24 AM (789 views)

Title searchers and Abstractors - What could an Assistant do for you? - William Bradley/MO
5/27/2022 7:39:11 AM (325 views)

At Billy’s Typing Service, we do more than type your reports, we assist you in being more productive, more precise.

--- We can check your deed/assignment chains for missing parties or owners that might need divorce and probates.

--- Does your client require POAs? We can look at signature pages on Deeds, Mortgages and Deed of Trusts for possible POA signatures that the County Registry or Recorder may have missed.

--- We send you feedback and notes via messenger so that you know about the issue right when we do.

Streamline your searches and free up yourself for more work or important events in your life by using Billy’s Typing Service.

Contact Billy to know more!

Email us at contact@billystypingservice.com or visit  www.billystypingservice.com

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Licensed NE Examiner - Jayne Stanley/FL
5/26/2022 1:36:30 PM (247 views)

[+] Montana, TX, AZ, NC, SD, ND, NM, WV, VT Abstractors Needed - Micah Mason/TX (5 replies)
5/25/2022 5:06:32 PM (1074 views)

[+] We Need New Abstractors - Micah Mason/TX (4 replies)
5/23/2022 10:34:56 PM (1019 views)

Southwest PA Abstractor Available - Scott Perry/PA
5/20/2022 1:21:28 PM (259 views)

[+] Vermont searcher needed!! Current file pending. - Heather Reller/OH (1 reply)
5/20/2022 10:46:07 AM (465 views)

5/16/2022 11:14:07 PM (178 views)

[+] GA Abstractor/examiner - Jayne Stanley/FL (3 replies)
5/16/2022 9:00:57 AM (462 views)

Seeking NC and SC Abstractors - Lisa Vazquez/VA
5/13/2022 12:11:43 PM (433 views)

JACKSON, Mississippi FA needed - nick torchia/CA
5/11/2022 3:59:15 PM (609 views)

[+] Seeking OH Abstractors - Lisa Vazquez/VA (1 reply)
5/11/2022 3:11:37 PM (359 views)

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