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[-] Title abstractor needed in Knox County area, TN - Melissa Gilbert/TN (2 replies)
6/3/2011 10:40:31 AM (5677 views)


Job Description

Shapiro & Kirsch, LLP has an opening available for a title abstractor position in charge of the following counties in Tennessee:

Abstractor East Tennessee: Knox, Anderson, Campbell, Claiborne, Union, Blount, Sevier, Cocke, Jefferson and Grainger.

The abstractor is responsible for searching public records and examines titles to determine legal condition of property title in the assigned counties on the State of Tennessee. The Abstractor copies and/or summarizes (abstracts) recorded documents which affect condition of title to property (e.g., mortgages, trust deeds, and contracts).  The abstractor’s search may be used to issue a policy that guarantees legality of title; hence, experience in title abstracting is a must.  Frequent calling of Foreclosure sales required.


Essential Job Functions

·         Conducts title searches by analyzing, gathering and using independent judgment to determine relevant information that should be contained in Current Owner Searches (COS) and Full Searches (FS)

·         Provides results of searches within expected turnaround time of 24 hours for COS and 72 hours for FS

·         Exercises discretion to determine when volume may not allow compliance with turnaround times and solicits support from the abstract Supervisor

·         Is responsible for ensuring that support in completing the search is according to quality standards and within timeframes

·         Uploads results of title searches in client system and uploads on CMS for invoicing and monitoring purposes

·         Has responsibility over the integrity of the information transmitted and/or provided to the Client and ensures confidentiality of any information obtained from the Client and or it’s customers by virtue of this role

·         Runs and works daily reports to meet timelines, production and status update requirements as necessary.



·         5 years minimum of experience in a foreclosure and/or title environment.  Experience conducting title searches and complex abstracting work in the field and on line is preferred

·         This job requires the ability to work outside the constraints of a schedule in order to guarantee results

·         Proven communication skills particularly as it relates to the ability to communicate clearly, timely and with the appropriate business etiquette.

·         The successful applicant should have had exposure to dealing with multiple projects on tight deadlines.

·         This position requires frequent day time travel to the assigned counties and occasional overnight travel for training seminars and to gather information to improve efficiencies and productivity with very short notice.

·         Proven ability to use multiple software platforms necessary   

·         Strong organizational skills.  Methodical and attention to detail are a must

·         Ability to think independently, gather and analyze data and propose improvements.

·         Bachelor’s degree preferred but not necessary.  High school diploma or GED as a minimum is required

·         Prior knowledge of title search software strongly preferred

·         Ability to effectively prioritize and execute tasks in a high-pressure environment

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5/25/2011 9:17:46 AM (1800 views)

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