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[+] Fees - Judy Nisonger/CA (6 replies)
6/25/2019 3:05:50 PM (1145 views)

Empire Research, LLC - Rita Killary/NY
6/24/2019 1:02:32 PM (775 views)

[+] Vistro Info - Smitty Strickland/SC (8 replies)
6/23/2019 6:21:23 PM (1044 views)

[+] Indus Abstract Services, Inc. - Smitty Strickland/SC (5 replies)
6/23/2019 1:47:26 PM (1152 views)

[+] Servicelink - Sherry Greene/MI (11 replies)
6/19/2019 5:05:13 PM (2197 views)

Real Title Services
AccuSearch Company

[+] I'm done with "gap searches" - Alix Ott/MI (9 replies)
6/19/2019 4:05:08 PM (1656 views)

[+] E&O Insurance - Tammy Killian/WA (3 replies)
6/19/2019 1:56:17 PM (931 views)

Committe of the Judicary - Randi Erickson/MN
6/19/2019 11:13:26 AM (654 views)

6/19/2019 10:36:39 AM (743 views)

[+] North Carolina Question - Kurt deVries/FL (3 replies)
6/18/2019 10:00:39 AM (893 views)

Santi Group LLC - Jay Duncan/MO
6/14/2019 2:54:16 PM (968 views)

6/13/2019 5:09:44 PM (793 views)

[+] FUGO - Diane Sherrill/SC (4 replies)
6/12/2019 11:32:33 PM (1230 views)

[+] Joy it consulting? - Russ  Kern/GA (7 replies)
6/12/2019 4:35:11 PM (1189 views)

[-] Court Street USA - Carol Clark/NY (13 replies)
6/10/2019 7:22:42 PM (1643 views)
Re: Court Street USA - Roberta Dean/IN
6/11/2019 8:30:51 PM (1257 views)
Re: Court Street USA - Sherry Greene/MI
6/17/2019 8:20:27 AM (976 views)

I completed their vendor package 7 years ago.  I never received any orders.  The only thing I received was a yearly e-mail requesting my updated E&O. 

Last year I didn't bother sending the renewed E&O since I hadn't received orders from them ever.  So they contacted the company that I had used the year before to see if I had renewed it.  I hadn't because I went with a less expensive company for my E&O.  Then the old  E&O carrier started harassing me and accusing me of sending expired insurance info to clients!  

 I asked Court Street to remove me as a vendor.  

 I can see why they hare putting flyers up because they can't get anyone to work for them.  My advice, don't waste your time with them.  They are unprofessional and you probably won't receive work from them. 

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Re: Court Street USA - Carol Clark/NY
6/17/2019 10:09:30 AM (910 views)
Re: Court Street USA - george Hubka/MI
6/19/2019 4:42:49 PM (850 views)
Re: Court Street USA - Sherry Greene/MI
6/19/2019 4:55:08 PM (817 views)
Re: Court Street USA - Sara Tressler/PA
6/17/2019 5:03:15 PM (844 views)
Re: Court Street USA - judith fitzgerald/HI
6/17/2019 5:30:23 PM (843 views)
Re: Court Street USA - Becky Vigneault/VT
6/24/2019 3:30:05 PM (745 views)
Re: Court Street USA - Nathan Miller/KS
6/26/2019 12:14:08 PM (842 views)
Re: Court Street USA - Carol Clark/NY
6/26/2019 12:18:00 PM (786 views)
Re: Court Street USA - Bruce Lutz/PA
7/30/2019 8:46:13 AM (568 views)
Re: Court Street USA - Shirley Young/FL
8/5/2019 11:49:36 AM (561 views)
Re: Court Street USA - Carol Clark/NY
8/5/2019 6:41:08 PM (630 views)

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