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FIDLAR on line access - stephen willard/OH
9/22/2020 7:14:00 AM (41 views)

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9/10/2020 1:55:50 PM (264 views)

9/7/2020 1:34:34 PM (155 views)

Real Title Services
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8/12/2020 2:34:35 PM (633 views)

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8/11/2020 9:00:46 PM (468 views)

[-] Just plain irony - Jay Duncan/MO (5 replies)
8/10/2020 3:23:31 PM (453 views)

Get a piece of mail from the IRS for our business today. 

  Getting a letter from the IRS is usually never a good thing.

  So I sit down, stare at the envelope for a minute, and decide it is not going to get any better or worse until I open it.

  So I slice open the envelope and pull out the letter.

"We changed your mailing address.

   Our update to your address may be for minor changes in words and abbreviations, such as using "Street" rather than "St". in you address."

  They changed the part of our address from "Square" to "Sq".

   REALLY!?!?!  Just had to send me a letter for that.  There must be a person there with nothing better to do than send out these letters...sigh.

  Is it Friday yet?  lol 

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Re: Just plain irony - Michelle Smith/MO
8/10/2020 7:02:25 PM (370 views)
Re: Just plain irony - William Duncan/CA
8/12/2020 10:44:34 AM (332 views)
Re: Just plain irony - Kurt deVries/FL
8/13/2020 9:38:22 AM (310 views)
Re: Just plain irony - Robert Franco/OH
8/13/2020 12:41:27 PM (311 views)
Re: Just plain irony - Jay Duncan/MO
8/13/2020 1:03:11 PM (320 views)

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