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America's Settlement Company - MIke Bogart/FL
10/27/2020 11:26:49 AM (81 views)

[+] Doc90 Solutions - Jay Duncan/MO (2 replies)
10/22/2020 10:39:02 PM (185 views)

[+] REAL TITLE SERVICES - Saundra  Scott/MD (6 replies)
10/19/2020 2:02:22 PM (377 views)

Canada Title Search - Vaniyankuni Zree/MD
10/16/2020 4:54:09 AM (196 views)

[-] Social Media Marketing - Jeanine Johnson/MN (7 replies)
10/13/2020 1:08:23 PM (273 views)
Re: Social Media Marketing - g h/SC
10/13/2020 4:04:20 PM (243 views)
Re: Social Media Marketing - Jeanine Johnson/MN
10/13/2020 6:35:14 PM (226 views)
Re: Social Media Marketing - g h/SC
10/14/2020 7:19:43 AM (223 views)
Re: Social Media Marketing - Jeanine Johnson/MN
10/17/2020 4:27:36 PM (192 views)

I don't think going back to books will be an option.  The traditional way of doing business to remove all impediments is not feasible.  And I for one, have twice found out I  personally notarized documents, once where the signed "borrowed" her look-alike sister's ID to buy a home, and second where a man brought his girlfriend to the closing having taken is wife's DL to sell their home during a separation, So even in person, there's no guarantee.

The world is moving fast and wants everything done online and immediately. I think the Title Underwriters will continue to adapt, by following the money saved in doing less search work, and balancing that with what they pay out in actual claims. They can and do "write over" a lot of issues, until the statute of limitations make they a moot point. I think we will have to learn to adapt. ;/

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Re: Social Media Marketing - george Hubka/MI
10/19/2020 2:54:16 PM (212 views)
Re: Social Media Marketing - Angela Sharp/CA
10/17/2020 3:10:03 PM (199 views)
Social Media Manipulates Consumers - Jeanine Johnson/MN
10/17/2020 4:37:00 PM (227 views)

AccuSearch Company

Cuyahoga, OH? - Tabatha Mack/OH
10/13/2020 10:22:20 AM (193 views)

[+] Qualia Marketplace - Smitty Strickland/SC (1 reply)
10/9/2020 10:43:12 AM (249 views)

[+] Qualia Marketplace - Becky Cantrall/NC (7 replies)
10/5/2020 3:42:05 PM (471 views)

[+] How to do a Title Search - Jeanine Johnson/MN (1 reply)
9/28/2020 12:55:29 PM (428 views)

[+] Expected Downtime - Robert Franco/OH (3 replies)
9/28/2020 8:59:12 AM (420 views)

FIDLAR on line access - stephen willard/OH
9/22/2020 7:14:00 AM (396 views)

[+] Title 365 A Xome Company - Judy Maclauchlan/LA (6 replies)
9/18/2020 9:50:46 AM (668 views)

Feedback on Riverside Abstract - Justin Shepard/VA
9/10/2020 7:27:47 PM (357 views)

[+] Communication Experts - Jay Duncan/MO (2 replies)
9/10/2020 1:55:50 PM (433 views)

9/7/2020 1:34:34 PM (275 views)

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