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[+] Payment Terms = Payment Up Front - David Beloff/VA (6 replies)
2/5/2021 10:56:52 AM (986 views)

[+] SN Titles - Dan Zook/NY (3 replies)
2/3/2021 12:27:32 PM (1049 views)

Worker's Comp Insurance Pool? - Angela Sharp/CA
2/2/2021 9:30:05 PM (662 views)

[+] iBird Corporation - Jay Duncan/MO (9 replies)
1/26/2021 11:45:09 AM (1182 views)

Times Title - Kurt deVries/FL
1/21/2021 11:24:05 AM (859 views)

AccuSearch Company
Real Document Solutions

[+] Martin Luther King Day and Inuguration - Jeanine Johnson/MN (3 replies)
1/18/2021 12:20:46 PM (992 views)

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1/18/2021 8:58:57 AM (957 views)

WHERE IS DANA R. BIBLE - Vincent Clarance/CA
1/17/2021 9:38:00 PM (895 views)

[+] TITLE SERVICES DIRECT-NO PAY - Jason Knowles/AL (8 replies)
1/6/2021 12:21:12 PM (1317 views)

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12/28/2020 4:25:36 PM (1301 views)

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12/21/2020 10:36:13 AM (1303 views)

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12/21/2020 10:10:08 AM (1122 views)

[-] Quick Search - Back to Being a Non-Payer - Bruce Lutz/PA (11 replies)
12/11/2020 3:09:40 PM (1797 views)
Re: Quick Search - Back to Being a Non-Payer - Rene Blevins/VA
12/14/2020 11:48:46 AM (1332 views)
Re: Quick Search - Back to Being a Non-Payer - Scott Perry/PA
1/3/2021 11:25:20 PM (1194 views)
Thanks to the miracle of modern technology, anyone with a smartphone can negotiate an electronic copy of a check. Chase BankPNC Bank and a host of others have rolled out apps which allow a customer to deposit checks right to their account by simply taking a photo.  

You know, an enterprising abstractor may someday even devise a way to use this technology to their advantage.  I’m thinking a conversation between the vendor and client would go something like this:

VENDOR: This is Joe Blow from Joe’s Abstracts. We were just going over our receivables and we show you to be $1,500 in arrears. When do you think you’ll be able to bring this account current?

CLIENT: Gee, I dunno, accounting must’ve overlooked it. By the way, what’s the status of that full search we ordered from you last week?

VENDOR: It’s done and ready to go, but several of your invoices are aged past 90 days.  I’m afraid I won’t be able to release the work until your account is brought up-to-date. 

CLIENT: Well, since you put it that way, we’ll get a check out to you immediately!

VENDOR: OK, we’ll send your search as soon as your payment clears.

CLIENT: But I need that one right away. It’s a new customer (it’s ALWAYS a new customer), and if we can turn this one around for them quickly, it’ll impress them SO MUCH they’ll start sending TONS & TONS of work our way! (*Translation: I really, really, REALLY need that search, but I have no intention of actually paying you, so by dangling a $1,500 carrot on the end of a stick and promising you the moon, I’m hoping that I can cajole you into sending me the @!#$?%&* thing so I can get MY client off my back!*) 

VENDOR: Sweet! Say, tell you what, instead of you going to the time, trouble and expense of mailing it, just send it to my smartphone instead of faxing it. That way, it goes directly into my account, I can release your search and everyone's happy! Fair enough?

CLIENT: Ahem, uh *cough-cough* well then, ah--that is, um--I mean--uh, I think I hear my other line ringing, I'll have to get back to you! *click*

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Re: Quick Search - Back to Being a Non-Payer - Bruce Lutz/PA
1/7/2021 1:04:15 PM (1241 views)
Re: Quick Search - Back to Being a Non-Payer - Scott Perry/PA
1/8/2021 9:11:02 PM (1233 views)
Re: Quick Search - Back to Being a Non-Payer - Robert Franco/OH
2/5/2021 12:30:02 PM (1062 views)
Re: Quick Search - Back to Being a Non-Payer - Naomi Backes/NC
2/14/2021 1:58:39 PM (914 views)
Re: Quick Search - Back to Being a Non-Payer - Lisa Searfoss (formerly Reinhart)/PA
2/5/2021 11:21:19 AM (992 views)
Re: Quick Search - Back to Being a Non-Payer - Bruce Lutz/PA
2/11/2021 7:59:00 PM (973 views)
Re: Quick Search - Back to Being a Non-Payer - george Hubka/MI
2/12/2021 7:33:52 PM (966 views)
Re: Quick Search - Back to Being a Non-Payer - Tracy Aumick/PA
3/15/2021 9:03:31 AM (874 views)
Re: Quick Search - Back to Being a Non-Payer - george Hubka/MI
3/23/2021 4:52:02 PM (787 views)

[+] Title Freelancer - David Fagen/IL (6 replies)
12/7/2020 4:04:09 PM (1320 views)

California Bay Area update - Dana Zook/CA
12/7/2020 1:08:45 PM (830 views)

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