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[+] Nationwide Abstrax - Patty Baber/CA (7 replies)
7/18/2023 2:12:08 PM (780 views)

7/14/2023 8:09:34 AM (888 views)

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7/12/2023 11:52:48 AM (845 views)

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7/10/2023 4:00:43 PM (1111 views)

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7/10/2023 9:09:15 AM (1091 views)

Real Title Services

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7/6/2023 3:17:59 PM (1121 views)

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7/6/2023 8:32:53 AM (867 views)

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7/3/2023 5:50:13 PM (829 views)

[+] IN COUNTY SEARCHING - Michael Rosing/IL (6 replies)
7/3/2023 3:34:48 PM (1305 views)

[+] NON PAYER BEWARE - COMEXPINC - Martha  Lemoine/LA (5 replies)
6/27/2023 1:24:11 PM (777 views)

[+] Mac Pro - Kurt deVries/FL (10 replies)
6/26/2023 3:43:47 PM (843 views)

[-] Time to update those forms! - Ben Wilczynski/PA (1 reply)
6/26/2023 1:39:43 AM (865 views)

Hi there, everybody.

Ben with Veracity Research here. I hope everyone is well and hanging in there through this extremely difficult year.

If you know me or have worked with me, you know I am an old-school title guy and I am 1000% dedicated to working with local title professionals. Put very simply, I have staked my business on you folks. With that in mind, I want to make a suggestion: It's probably time to update your abstract summary report form.

(This suggestion is for abstractors who still hand-write their summary reports, not for those who type.)

A lot of folks are still using the report form they created in the 1990s (or earlier), and by now, the version they have is a copy of a copy of a copy. The actual form fields are crooked on the page, the lines are blurry and smeared, and it just doesn't look good.

It is easier than ever to create a custom form. Every word processing app (like MS Word) has the ability to do this, and you can do it for free through something like Google Docs. If you aren't comfortable with the software, I bet you know someone who can help you. (If you work with Veracity, we'd be glad to help!) 

I am suggesting this now because traditional local abstracting has never been under greater threat from the billion-dollar companies that rule this industry, and quite frankly, we have to make sure to deliver the most high-quality product we can to the clients who still believe in traditional abstractors. Updating to a fresh, clean, report form might seem small, but I promise you, it makes a big difference to the people on the other end of the line.

Take a look at the form you use. Could it be cleaner? Is it time to freshen up? 

Thank you for your time, thank you for everything you do, and to those of you who work with me: I hope to speak with you soon.






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Re: Time to update those forms! - Denise Williams/MO
7/3/2023 9:43:48 AM (856 views)

[+] CAUTION - LendServ National Title - Aaron  Kosola/MN (3 replies)
6/22/2023 4:10:38 PM (821 views)

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6/22/2023 2:39:58 PM (1004 views)

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6/20/2023 5:50:53 PM (773 views)

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